The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Solar Hot Water Systems

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In theory, 18% of domestic energy usage goes into the operation of a water heater. This is because most homes use the demand-type water heaters that run on electricity and yes, it can be quite expensive. But because life will be a lot harder without the benefits of a water heater, most homeowners are left with no choice but to endure the big chip in their money just to keep a run bath every morning and during the cold seasons. Lucky for the 21st century, we can now enjoy the wonders of a solar powered water heater. It is an effective way to cut at least half of the bill. Rather than relying on consumable commodities, solar heat and energy has found a way to replace costly energy usage. Here are things you need to know if you own or plan to own a solar water heater.


  • Free energy

Unlike fossil fuel and oil, solar energy is pretty much a cost-free alternative. You only need to invest on solar thermal panels but don’t you think that your investment is well worth it? The solar panels will pay for themselves in the years to come since you will no longer have water heater bills.

  • They take up less space

An average home only needs 2-3 solar panels placed on the roof where it is in direct contact with the sun. This does not crowd your home but it does utilise the wide roof space you have. Isn’t that smart? This is a cost-free way to make unproductive spaces generate much needed products for your home.  

  • Efficient

80% of the radiation from the sun is turned into energy and solar energy is pretty abundant even on cloudy days. It seems that sun rays do not disappoint since you can get those even on days that are not exactly sunny. In the climate nowadays, sun is pretty much abundant in every state.

  • Ozone-friendly

Thermal units and other technologies that generate energy or electricity from nature lower humans’ carbon footprints. This way, you don’t only spend wisely, you also help the environment. This is one of the solutions you can find in helping the current state of the planet.

  • Government-sanctioned incentives

In some countries, especially in UK, commercial and residential establishments are given certain amounts per year when they find ways to generate their own energy regardless of whether or not they utilise it. As you can see, being energy efficient hurts no one. In fact, you are pretty much earning from being able to produce your own commodities.


  • Solar thermal panels

These kinds of panels are only useful in heating water. You cannot use it for any other energy conversion needs.

  • Maintenance

You are already getting free energy, so this goes that you have to pay attention to the investment enabling you to save up so much on energy cost. Solar thermal panels need annual maintenance and occasional checks to make sure it is performing properly.

  • Space requirement

You will need to find space for the hot water cylinder and where it should be installed.