4 Essential Considerations When Purchasing A Water Heater

 Water heaters are essential especially to households that are located in areas constantly experiencing cold temperatures. However, even to areas with a not-that-low temperature, water heaters are widely installed in most homes. This is because they are of great help in increasing our water temperature if we want to enjoy a hot shower to start our day and a hot bath to remove our stresses from our work or school. If you don’t have a water heater unit at home and you decided to install one, choosing a water heater unit would be difficult because of the many factors you need to consider. This might trouble you but it is evident that this is for your own good and convenience because sometimes, it is not so wise to consider only the price of the unit.

   When purchasing a water heater, here are the four primary factors you need to consider:



   Every household does not necessarily need to have a water heater unit of the same size. This is because every household itself differ in the size or the number of members. The size of the water heater unit, especially when purchasing storage tank water heaters, should be directly proportional to the number of family members. The bigger the household, the bigger the size of the water heater unit. If the size of your water heater is small enough the provide the entire family with the demanded hot water, then expect that you always experience hot water shortage especially when hot water demand is at its peak such as in the morning.


Energy source

   The energy source needed to run the unit would be also an important consideration upon purchasing a water heater because this will involve money as well. Because this will be necessary to run the unit, it is necessary to choose the cheap yet efficient energy source to save your money but can keep your unit running. Here are the possible energy sources for many hot water heater units:


  1. Electricity

   In the current day plumbing market, most of the water heater units are powered by electricity. This is the most convenient and most utilised energy source. However, when cold season strikes in your area, expect that you would deal with high electricity bills especially because this mechanism would be needed during the cold season.


  1. Fuel Oil

   Some water heater units in the market utilise fuel oil to generate heat. This liquid petroleum product would be burned in a boiler or a furnace to run the system.


  1. Geothermal energy

   The geothermal source of energy makes use of the heat coming from underneath the earth’s surface. This is not limited in the earth’s crust or mantle but until the liquid composition of the earth where the temperature is evidently high.


  1. Natural gas

   Natural gas makes use of methane, the used composition of organic compounds and fuel. The formation of methane, which is the mixture of hydrocarbon, takes place underneath the earth’s surface.

  1. Propane

   Propane is a colourless yet flammable energy source that is usually bottled. Propane gas is usually found in natural gas.


  1. Solar energy

   Solar energy might be the newest yet the most efficient energy source available nowadays. This is the energy garnered from the heat released by the sun and converted into energy to power hot water heaters. This is helpful and friendly to the environment and to our pockets.



   All of us don’t want to spend our hard-earned dollars for not satisfactory equipment and mechanisms. That is why looking at the efficiency of the mechanism is really important and is a major consideration in purchasing a water heater unit. The unit should have a good performance and is efficient enough to provide your family with the demanded hot water.



       The market price of a water heater unit should be considered as well. However, this should be accompanied with other considerations because homeowners should not only consider the price. We should not settle with cheap units with low performance. High-performance water heaters with reasonable prices should be one of your choices.