3 Inexpensive Ways To Maintain Your Water Heater System

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Our water heater system is one of the units that quietly sits at the corner of our basement or outside our homes. However, it provides a great service for us-, especially during winter season. It helps us get through the freezing temperature by giving us the hot water we need. Having a water heater in the household makes all the household chores easy. With all the great help it gives us, as a return, we must show some love too.  It can be done by inspecting and maintaining the good shape of the unit. Apparently, it doesn’t take much of your time as it is easy as counting from one to three. Listed below are effortless and inexpensive ways to maintain your hot water heater:

  • Drain the tank to remove the sediments

Failure to check the monitor from time to time can be a cause of an impending problem. Homeowners don’t seem to see the source of the issue since they expect the tank to be clean all the time since it only contains cold and hot water. However, if you try to check it, there will be dirt and sediment inside the tank that may accumulate further if not removed. This buildup is due to the mineral content of hard water. Compared to water molecules, these minerals are much heavier. This is the reason why most sediments settle at the base of the tank. The aforementioned will act as an insulator making it difficult for the burner to heat the water. Moreover, the heating process prolongs and will likely precipitate to an explosion due to overheating. Another problem that’ll happen is, due to the buildup of sediments this will result in inconsistency of water temperature.

  • Inspect the pressure relief valve

This valve is installed and considered to be a safety expedient for electric and gas-powered water heater. On the other hand, the pressure arises inside the tank when it’s used. Because of this, the valve will have to release the pressure to avert a burst. This must also be well maintained for it to function correctly and to ensure that it’ll respond immediately in case the pressure escalates unexpectedly.

  • Check the unit’s anode rod

This is known as one of most important components of every water heater. The rod sacrifices itself to keep the interior portion of the tank getting affected by corrosion. Moreover, the parts may also wear out because of the aforementioned. Having an anode rod in your water heater system, you’re ensured that the other parts won’t get affected by corrosion as it sacrifices itself. However, keep in mind that the rod has to be checked and replaced when it’s necessary. Doing this will surely lengthen the unit’s lifespan. Moreover, you don’t have to fret much since installing the rod is not difficult. With this, you’re saved from spending money to pay plumbing service. Lastly, anode rods can be bought in your local home depot in a very reasonable price.