Different Types of Pipes that Can Be Relined

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Pipe relining is the most widely used new pipe repair technology these days. This is mainly because of the benefits the home owners can enjoy such as its cost effectivity, time effective, less invasive, less disruption, improved flow capacity of water in pipes and much more. This process is done by fitting in a piece of a liner in the existing pipe. The liner is commonly made up of a piece of the woven sock which is coated with resin.

Pipes are the main issue that is repaired in pipe relining. There are a lot of pipes available in the market that comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. These different types of pipes have different uses and functions. However, pipe relining limits itself to pipes that it can repair. The size of the pipes that pipe relining could repair measures for about 40mm to 255mm. Here is a list of pipes that can be repaired through pipe relining.

HDPE. High-density polyethylene or also known as polyethylene high-density one of the most functional and popular polyethylene thermoplastic that is made from a petroleum. This is resistant to any kind of solvents and can be applied to various materials. It lasts long, flexible and greatly resistant to corrosion.

Cast Iron. Cast iron is a pressure pipe that is used in transporting sewage, water and gas. This is durable but has the ability to rust over time. It is usually used for vent stacks, vertical drains and frequently used for horizontal drain lines.

Copper. Copper is a malleable, ductile and a soft metal that has an electrical conductivity and a high thermal. This has a resistance to corrosion and can be easily shaped into different forms such as pipes. This is the most commonly used in water supply pipes. It might be costly but this could last long.

Earthenware. This type of pipe offers a strong, hard wearing and an impregnable piping system. Earthenware is absorbent to water.

Ductile Iron. This is a pipe usually used for the distribution and transmission of potable water. Ductile iron pipe is made up of ductile cast iron and is manufactured by centrifugal casting in a resin or metal lined moulds.

Asbestos Downpipe. The asbestos downpipe is a material that is widely used in the construction of commercial and domestic buildings. This is used as an insulator and contains great properties that could protect you from fire and is also corrosion resistant.

Concrete. A concrete pipe is serviceable and is known to be a long lasting material. It has a variety of sizes and shapes.

Storm-water Pipes. Storm-water pipes are proven to be cost-effective and can be easily installed. It also comes in different sizes.

Brass Pipe. This is a small stub of pipe that is typically a threaded steel, copper, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) or brass. Brass pipe is used in drain pipes with under pressure. It can either be soldered or screwed.

Sewer Pipe. A sewer pipe is a system found underground which carries sewage coming from buildings and houses by the pipes leading to the disposal or treatment areas.