7 Advantages of Pipe Bursting

plumberartarmon Bursting method

Broken pipes can be fixed through a lot of methods. One of the methods can be used is the pipe bursting method. Yes, it might be an insane idea for you to burst your pipes, however, this method uses a mechanical force to break the existing pipe and pulls the new pipe to replace the older one. If you still think that this is a crazy pipe repair method, here are the following benefits when you employ pipe bursting method.


When it comes to any plumbing operation, we always want the safety of everybody. The traditional way of curing damaged pipes is through excavation process. Chemical elements found underneath our home are usually asbestos and moulds and are very unhealthy. So when you try to dig them up, you are increasing the chances of the unhealthy elements make an impact on your health. So when you utilise pipe bursting method, which involves in no digging process, you are not putting yourself into any harm.

Less labour-intensive

Since pipe bursting method does not involve in digging process, this indicates that human labour decreased. For instance, the workers will no longer use heavy equipment to work on the soil or they will no longer use a huge amount of effort in shovelling the area.

Lifetime Guarantee

When you avail a pipe bursting service, the company will always ensure you that their work will last long. Also, the company utilised high-quality pipes that will terminate the chances of gapped joints, root infestation and other pipe problems.


As being mentioned so many times, this method will save you a lot of money. This method will avert you from spending your money to rent heavy equipment machines to aid the workers from digging up your area. After the operation is finished, you have to restore the landscape of your household, that means that you have to hire people to do it. The restoration of the landscape means spending on new grass, new soil, new flowers and new plants.

When you choose this type of method, it will only require you to hire less worker and most of the area in your property will still be intact.

Increases the flow capacity of the pipe

We’ve been repeating again and again how this method can save you a thousand of bucks and how environmentally-friendly it is, however, we haven’t discussed the benefits the pipe gives us.

The advantage of it is that it elevates the flow capacity of the pipe by either installing a new pipe with the same size of the existing pipe or installing a new one using a larger size of pipe.

Less damage

Since the process does not cause any damage to your area, it means that after the operation, there will be less clean up.

Also, this method is “greener” than other pipe repair methods. During the operation of conventional methods, it is inevitable for the workers to use toxic substances during the process. Since pipe bursting does not involve in digging your area, the chemicals will have no chance to enter the water supply.

Higher productivity

Since the workers won’t spend time on digging the entire area, they can focus on the main problem that needs to be repaired right away. The method can fix a pipe up to 200m pipe each day, of course, depending on the situation of the pipe.