6 Major Causes of Sewer Pipe Blockage

plumberartarmon swerpipeA simple and little knowledge about what causes your sewer pipe dilemma will lend a help on how to avoid them. Knowing the main culprits of your sewer pipe blockages will indeed avoid experiencing clogged drains and sewer pipes by not letting them go down your kitchen sinks, toilets and drains. Some homeowners have been so careless on what goes down their drains and toilets. That is why they experience so much clogged drains and sewer pipe issues they never expected because of the lack of maintenance and preventative measures.

Here are the primary causes of clogged sewer pipes and drains. These things should be kept away from your sinks, drains and toilets to avoid future clogs and blockages.

● Hair

Upon taking a shower, it might be disheartening to see some of your hair strands falling off, but is more annoying to know that they do contribute to your sewer and drain problems. Some residents and homeowners do not take time in snaking their drains and removing hair strands thinking that their stainless strainers have done the job for them. But some hair strands will make their way through the stainless strainers and will twist and tangle inside your sewer pipe mechanisms. After a long time without maintaining and removing these hair strands, these hair strands will soon clog your drains and sewer pipes.
Once in a while, remove hair strands from your sewers and drains by snaking them to avoid hair build up and remove the possibilities of future clogs.

● Grease and fat

Have you ever noticed that when you eat greasy and fatty foods, oil and fat will harden on your plates? This applies on your drains and sewer pipes, too. When you constantly wash off grease and fat from your plates, they will create grease and fat build up that will soon clog your sewer pipes by creating a sticky sewer pipe interior to invite more objects to stick and attach on your sewer pipe’s walls. They are the funniest cause of your clogging dilemma.

● Hygiene products

Sometimes, you might be fooled by the product’s sign saying that they are “flushable”. Even when the manufacturer says so, you should never flush them into your toilets as they are not directly soluble in water. It will take some time for them to dissolve while they invite more foreign objects to attach as they act as traps. Soon, they will eventually clog your pipes before they dissolve.

● Food particles and leftovers

Draining or flushing food particles and leftovers is one of the main causes why your sewer pipes clog. Even when you have a garbage disposal unit, you should never drain them in your kitchen sink as some of the particles cannot be ground by your garbage disposal. Food particles should be thrown and kept in your garbage bin rather that in your garbage disposal unit.

● Roots

You might not be expecting it but roots are one of the main culprits of your sewer pipe blockages. When large growing trees are situated near your sewer laterals, its roots will spread and grow towards your sewer lines as they look for water and nutrients for their photosynthesis. Upon situating trees and shrubs on your yards and gardens, it would be better to opt for sewer-safe trees and bushes to ensure the security of your sewer pipes.

● Illegal connections

When you are concern with the welfare and security of your sewer system, you should never make illegal connections without a plumber’s consent especially with pipes coming from your gardens and grounds. These may carry dirt, soil and mud that may cause blockages on your sewer lines. Aside from that, your neighbours might be affected as well especially when these mud and dirt clog the main sewer line which will also clog your neighbour’s sewer system.