5 Reasons Why You Should Reline Your Sewer Pipes

pipe lining

Most of us probably think that our sewer pipes are safer and will last long because they are kept underneath the ground. However, this is just a misconception because sewer pipes also experience complications that will hinder function to operate or worse make them inefficient.

For sewer pipe dilemmas, the most renowned method to use is pipe relining. This method can fixed your damage pipe from root intrusion, blockage et cetera. Furthermore, it is cheaper than other methods. Aside from its cheap repair cost, here are some other reason why pipe relining should be used:

Pipe sagging

One of the things that should be prioritised in checking the condition of the pipe is its structural integrity. When your pipe sags, it makes a hollow which is a perfect location where a build-up can begin. After some time, the waste develops bigger until obstructs the pipe system.

Pipe relining can be useful in this dilemma. The lining used in the relining method is much reliable than the PVC pipes. Build up on the pipe walls can be prevented because of the epoxy finish that is really smooth.

Root intrusion

One of the usual dilemmas a homeowner face pertinent to sewer pipe is root intrusion. This problem is due to the tree that is situated probably above or close to your sewer pipe underneath the ground. The capability of the tree roots to grow laterally in our sewer lines damages it by creating a crack and penetrate into it.

Most of the time, the reason why the roots finds it ways in our sewer pipe is when they no longer have any other place where the roots can be nourish with right amount of water and nutrition. Since our sewer pipe creates moisture, the roots are encouraged sticking into them until they penetrate into our pipe system and blocks the flow of water. The roots will further grow damaging the pipe until it is completely useless.To mend it, instead of weeks of excavation, contractors would suggest relining the pipe that only takes hours to complete.

Blocked sewer pipe

Obstruction within the sewer pipes is a common problem that typically starts with a minor build-up of solid wastes and FOG substances as its flows through the sewer pipe. Like the previous mentioned problems, relining is the best option for the dilemmas plus, it is not that costly compared to open trench excavation.

Sewer pipe corrosion

Even if your pipes are made from stronger materials, it can still be affected by corrosion. However, it is not that resistant to corrosive factors and that weakens the pipes until it gradually deteriorates. Pipe relining can mend the entire pipeline without damaging the entire landscape of your area. The process only needs two access points that indicates that there is no need for you to hire heavy equipment for the procedure.

Damaged sewer pipe

Over time, our sewer pipes become affected by several factors that hinders to operate it function. The stress and weight the pipe carries will lessen the integrity of the pipe over time and this can be the reason and cause why your pipes obtain damage.

The damage pipes are still functional however, it demands numerous repairs in the future. That is why relining the pipe is the best way to deal with the problem. After the repairing the pipes, it has been proven that relined pipes are stronger that can last for more than 10 years.