5 Benefits of Hydro-jetting

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Cleaning our drain pipes are really an inconvenience especially when we do not know what effective tool or equipment to use. Some homeowners would even think of rushing to a store and buying all chemical drain cleaners and pour it down their drains. However, many residents do not know that frequently using chemical drain cleaners can damage your pipes because of its acidic composition. Some other methods may be available and more effective such as using a high-pressure water jetter. The high-pressured water released by this equipment can clean the entire pipe interior and make it good as new. Aside from removing all the obstructions, this can as well clear your pipes from any form of build-ups and root intrusion. Here are some of the benefits of hydro-jetting your water lines.

  • Environment-friendly

Using a high-pressure water jetter is proven to be safe for the environment compared to the drain-cleaning processes. Some homeowners would consider the amount of water wasted in this process as a disadvantage. However, if we compare them to using chemical-based drain cleaners, we cannot deny that they are rather safe than any other methods. Everything used is an amount of water which is environmentally safe.

  • Cleans more effectively compared to other methods

It is certain and validated that hydro-jetting your sewer lines do not just remove blockage and restore the flow of wastewater. The use of a water jetter can also remove all kinds of build-ups, grease and fat accommodation and even tree root infiltration. This will leave your sewer lining walls clean and build-up free making them effective again and restoring their structural integrity and performance.

  • Prevents sewer problems before they happen

Build-ups within your walls can cause your lines to block and allow nothing, even a single drop of water to pass through. Whilst root infiltration can cause obstruction as well, but the most destructive thing they could ever do is to completely wreck your sewer lines. When you use a drain snake in restoring the flow of water, this tool will only make a small hole in the center of the obstruction to allow some of the wastewater to pass through without removing all the obstruction. This will take for the build-ups to reassemble and cause further trouble. When hydro-jetting the lines, everything within the line is washed away so they could no longer cause problem to your sewer system.

  • Economical

Some homeowners may think that hydro-jetting the lines will cause too much because of the service rate and the water needed to do the process. However, if you look at it in a better perspective, you can save more in the long run. This is because water jetting your lines will free you from all the sewer troubles caused by build-ups and root infiltration, freeing you from the burdens of sewer repair process and replacement methods as well, which will certainly cost you more.

  • Sanitary

What makes water jetters sanitary is that workers and service contractors do not have to enter the lines when cleaning them. This situation will only make them directly in contact with the harmful wastes it contains and would only cause them health problems and health threats to the public.