4 Techniques of Proper Sewer Maintenance

plumber artarmon 4 Techniques of Proper Sewer MaintenanceMost homeowner’s problem resides in the manner in which he will be able to provide maintenance to his sewer system. Unlike the former processes of cleaning a sewer line, modern maintenance method boasts hands-free, quickly yet thorough cleaning. Getting rid of all present and future issues in your plumbing line will go a long way to securing the health of your sewer system. Routine cleaning and maintenance gives you ample idea on what is happening to your sewer lines so you can be fully prepared if things get out of hand. Also, maintenance and surveillance to your sewer system will give you the details of the problem and, from there, you can safely apply the appropriate solution to the problem. Here are techniques and tool for modern maintenance and sewer line up keep that can help you keep your sewer system in tiptop condition:

1.Sewer System Inspection Utilising CCTV Camera Drones

Using a camera in inspecting sewer lines is the quickest way of going about the first step of maintenance without having to sacrifice the accuracy of the results. CCTV Camera drones are sent down the sewer lines while it sends live feeds to the monitor above the ground. The footage will provide the contractor of the homeowner the information he needs to get the maintenance and how to do it just as it should be done without having to risk administering the wrong types of cleaning methods which would likely lead to pipe damage. Through the feeds, the homeowner will know exactly what is happening in the lines and, therefore, can apply the right type of solution to the damage.

2.Chemical Solutions and Treatments

Although constant usage of chemicals to pipes and other plumbing or sewer fixtures can be dangerous, chemicals have certain successes given that they are applied correctly with the measurements done specifically according to the manufacturer’s suggestions and directions. When it comes to root intrusion prevention, one of the most effective solutions for protecting the pipes is through the use of chemicals sprinkled around the surrounding soil of the pipeline to hinder root growth as it nears the pipes. However, strong chemicals can directly equate to a deteriorated sewer pipe. Chemicals can be effective in getting rid of a problem while it can also the damaging to certain fixtures near the vicinity. In most cases, the very fixtures that it should be protecting become its casualties. When applied at an undoubtedly high quantity, the chemicals can eat away at the pipes and cause structural damage leading to pipe collapse.


Rodding is another modern and effective process of cleaning out sewer pipes. Some of the most commonly found wastes and deposits in the pipe are minerals and sediments. Unlike other waste products, these are profoundly very hard to remove. Chemical solutions do very little in chipping away the rock-like accumulations sticking against the walls of the pipe. This is where a rodding tool comes
very useful. The rodding head can be replaced depending on the needs of the pipe. This tool is similar to the plumbing snake in structure and has a variety of nozzles to choose from.

4.Hydro-jet Pipe Cleaning

This method comes very useful when the homeowner needs to clean through enzymes and oily products that are otherwise irremovable from the interior walls of the sewer lines. High water pressure released through the nozzles is instrumental in detaching the oil, grease and mineral build-up while simultaneously flushing the wastes out of the sewer line.