4 Easy Ways to Stop Root Intrusion

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No matter how well-kept and sturdy pipelines and sewer lines are kept, there will always be problems that they will encounter. There are some problems in the plumbing systems that are quite unavoidable and unforeseen. These problems are often caused by nature that homeowners have no control over. More often than not, this problem is usually root intrusion. There are a few guidelines and start-up planning that they can observe to potentially prevent these natural means from being a problem to their plumbing but the bottom line is that there truly is no telling if the preventive measure will work against the environmental factors

So just in case they did not, here are a few easy methods you can do to fix intrusion problems:

    1. Chemical Usage

One way of avoiding the need to have costly repairs and expensive labour is through enforcing and making sure that your pipelines are protected from root intrusion. Chemical treatment can be an alternative you might want to try out. Observe that you follow the specified instructions that are at the back of the bottle or container to prevent unnecessary damage to other fixtures in your property.

For minor root intrusions, homeowners are usually advised to use copper sulphate crystals. This is a toxic chemical that can kill the roots in direct contact. Application of this product should be done in intervals so as to not damage the surroundings more and also, the chemical can be absorbed by nearby vegetation. Remember that copper sulphate is not only used when there is already root infestation. It is also helpful to prevent it from happening.

    2. Hydro Jetting

A hydro jet is a water pumping device that can cut off the intruding tree roots in your pipelines and sewer lines. This tool works almost in the similar fashion as the plumbing snake. At the pressure of 4000 PSI, the water gushing out of the nozzle of a water jet has the strength to push any hindering debris, may it be roots, rocks, build-up and other materials, out of the pipe. This device can waste 200 gallons of water, however, and can cause your water bill to rise. Unless you are using grey water, then this method is fairly expensive.

This device will effectively clean the interior of your pipe but it will not do anything to close or fix the loose joint, crack or hole in your pipe that served as the entrance point for the roots. To an extent, this is nothing but a temporary remedy.

    3. Mechanical Means

Mechanical rooting devices can be used to clear away roots intruding in your plumbing pipes. This device is called a mechanical auger. This is available in hardware stores. The tool can be inserted into the pipe and worked like a plumbing snake. The tip of the auger is equipped with a cutting saw to cut off the roots from intruding trees. As it passes through the intrusion, the roots protruding into the interior of the pipe are removed. This method is another temporary fix as the cut parts can regrow and even multiply as it does.

    4. Digging Up

If the root intrusion in your pipelines and sewer lines are worse than what you had anticipated and that no amount of non-invasive and non-destructive fixes will work, the only option left then is to dig up the pipe and physically remove the roots surrounding the pipe. In some cases, when there is already severe damage to the pipe, sagging may occur which will totally displace and had malformed the pipe. If this happens, you might want to consider relining the pipe as preventing root intrusion is one of its benefits.