4 Easy Ways To Maintain Your Sewer Pipes

sewerSince the plumbing industry has been innovating methods and tools used to aid homeowners with their plumbing maintenance, a lot of methods have been made in order to keep and maintain our sewer pipes in its perfect condition. Maintenance should always be done if you want to avoid complications and expensive repair services in the future.

How to do it? Here are some tips for you:

Chemical-Based Solutions

Some people are under the misconception that chemical-based cleaners are a great way in solving drain issues such clogged drains. Homeowners tend to utilise this method since it’s a hassle-free procedure. All you have to do is to flush it down instantly. On the other hand, the aforementioned are only effective to such extent. Constant usage of the chemical solution might lead to your sewer system and drain’s pipe early deterioration. When you tend to abuse the purpose of the solution, you are unconsciously encouraging complications such as corrosion and obstructions that can turn your system out of commission. As an alternative for this, you can opt for an option which poses lesser threat to your pipeline such as a copper sulphate. Using this will eliminate the roots, however, make sure that you apply the sulphate only twice a month. Excessive usage to this would result not just to another pipe system issue but the environmental problem as well.

CCTV Camera Inspection

Of the most reliable methods when you try to inspect and know the condition of your sewer pipes is through conducting a CCTV camera inspection. Since a human size can’t exactly fit within, this is where the pipe camera comes in handy. Performing a D-I-Y is good, however, if you think that you lack of expertise in the subject, then, it would be best to let professional plumbers do the job. Most of the time, homeowners who lack skill in the inspection end up making misdiagnoses.


This method is known to be an easy way to get rid of obstructions within the pipe with the use of a snake-like tool. The tool is inserted inside to cut sediments, tree roots and remove all those factors that could result in blockage in the future. Also, it has various parts and other different rodding heads use to clean and cut dirt effectively.

Water Jetting

Using a force that reaches up to 6000 psi, water jet releases water which has enough to ensure that any root intrusion, accumulation of lime scale and other objects within your pipe will be flushed out of your pipeline and into the main sewer. For FOG substances that made into your sewer, they will still be flush out even if they got stuck in the pipe’s interior wall. On the other hand, the setback about this method is that it’s very expensive. This factor changes the decision of homeowners if they will avail on the service or not. The high upfront cost of the service is due to the large volume of water being used in the operation.