3 Common Misconceptions about Sewer Pipes

plumber artarmon 3 Common Misconceptions about Sewer PipesThere are certain misconceptions about sewer systems that are spread to the homeowners. This information is must not be scattered as this can just bring harm to the sewer system of the many homeowners. Due to these misconceptions, homeowners tend to disallow the maintenance of their sewer systems such as inspection, repair and replacement. To stop these rumoured misconceptions, discussed below are the misconceptions about sewer pipes.

1. False Flushable

You might be thinking that any material that is of a small size which can pass through your drains does not bring harm to your drains. But, the thing is, may it be big or small, it still has the ability to bring plumbing issues to your plumbing system. There are several items that homeowners must take into consideration when talking about items that are flushable.

Fatty substances such as fat, oil and grease must not be washed down into your drain as it can lead to blockages in time. Hair can also build up in your drain so you must have your bathroom sink and floor checked regularly after every bath for some falling hair. There are also some materials that you think are flushable in the toilet such as wet wipes, toiletries, sanitary products, and many others. There are materials that better if we just dispose them in a trash can. If you don’t have garbage disposal units installed in your kitchen sink then throw it properly in a trash can to avoid future destructions.

2. Sewer System requires minimal maintenance

Compared to the other plumbing fixtures, most homeowners think that sewer system requires less maintenance. But, the real thing is that we must have our sewer systems checked regularly. This is necessary to keep our sewer system in good condition. Aside from this, inspecting our sewer system can help in increasing its service life span and improving its ability to operate well. One main reason why most homeowners do not monitor their sewer system is maybe because the lines are buried underground.

The thing is when we don’t mind our sewer system often; minor problems within the sewer system can become worse. So to avoid this, we must keep in touch with our sewer system by inspecting them regularly. Through this, you can have the minor damages in your sewer system repaired as soon as possible. There are pieces of equipment that you can utilise in maintaining your sewer system.

3. Excavation is necessary for sewer pipe repair, inspection and replace

This is basically one main reason why homeowners do not maintain nor monitor their sewer system. Excavation is not necessary for inspecting, repairing and replacing pipes. Through the help of technology, pipe repair, inspection and replacement processes are done with minimal digging. As a result, you won’t be worried anymore on the restoration of your landscape as it will not be ruined. The advanced technology can also help save money as you won’t be spending much on the materials and tools needed. The labour cost won’t also be that high since you will need to hire few contractors to do the job and the entire process can be done within a day.