3 Advantages of Vitrified Clay Pipes for Sewer Systems

Plumberartarmon clay pipe

Homeowners always invest on the best materials to make their sewer system stronger and sturdier. Choosing materials is one of the deciding factors for the length of the service of a plumbing system. In order to choose the best materials, you have to consider a few factors. One of the most common pipes that have been used over time is the vitrified clay pipe. This type of pipe is a mixture of clay and shale. The two compounds will undergo the process of vitrification. Most homeowners choose vitrified clay pipe likely for the following reasons:

1. Structural Strength

A vitrified clap pipe is made of hard materials that make them extremely resistant to flattening, deflecting, bending and any other structural abnormalities that a normal pipe may experience. Because of this unique property of this type of pipe, it is seemingly unaltered in figure and shape even under undue stress of great proportions. The main reason for this kind of structural integrity lies in the composition of the pipe. This type of pipe is founded and built on compressed bedding for extensive support around the walls making it unbendable and structurally sound beyond any environmental condition and crises.

2. Longevity of Service

Most homeowners would choose to install an economical and cheaper sewer pipe substitute rather than investing in the expensive ones that not only have high initial costs but also have certain protocol and will need extreme caution during the process of installation. What most of them forget to consider is the probability that the less expensive and average-quality pipe can cause problems to the plumbing, damage easily and may not last as long as the expensive and well-detailed ones. When this happens, the homeowner will be facing costly renovations, inconvenience in the downtime due to construction and frustration over not being able to use the full function of your plumbing facility.
The factor that makes a pipe repair or replacement costly is the digging of the area to remove the pipe while the reason why pipe substitutes do not last long is caused by their lack of resistant to abrasive factors as well as having low structural strength. Vitrified clay pipes, on the other hand, have proved to be helpful and efficient even after 100 years after instalment. Another factor you should consider is the fact that vitrified clay pipes do not possess toxic materials, therefore, not posing any threat to the environment and to the health of the community.

3. Resistance to Corrosion

An important characteristic that a sewer pipe must have is resistance to corrosive factors. If by any chance, you choose a pipe that has low resistance to corrosion, you will be facing pipe repair, replacement or re-digging much sooner than you think.

One of the primary causes of corrosion inside the pipe is hydrogen sulphide reacting to egg odour. These two create a chemical reaction that plumbers consider to be highly corrosive.

The good thing about a vitrified clay pipe is that it is highly resistant to all acids, solvents, aggressive soils in the surroundings, and even to strong industrial waste. The walls of the pipe will not need any protective covering to keep the well-being of the pipe.