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There are a lot of factors that contribute to sewer pipe damage in Australia which include ground movement, ageing pipes and construction activities. In general, pipe damage is caused by tree root infestation. Furthermore, nearly all cases of broken or cracked sewer lines involve vitrified clay pipes (VCPs).

VCPs are jointed using rubber sealing rings. Over time, these joints may crack or break due to ground movement. Even the smallest crack can be the entry point of roots that can cause enormous damage to sewer pipes.

Nowadays, conventional methods of pipe repair are becoming less appealing as they involve deep excavations in your property. Fortunately, Plumber Artarmon is offering a non-intrusive way to rehabilitate your sewer pipes. This method is known as pipe relining.

Pipe Relining Process

Pipe relining is a trenchless method of pipe repair which involves inserting a liner into the damaged pipe. Here is a quick overview of the pipe relining process:

I. Pipeline Preparation

The damaged sewer line must be removed from service during the entire process. If the pipeline is not clear for video inspection, high-pressure water blasting may be required to clear it from any debris or sewage. Video inspection using a CCTV drain camera is essential to identify the cause of blockage as well as to locate the damaged sections. The water jetting machine will be used again to completely clean the pipeline.

II. Lining

Accurate measurements of the damaged pipe must be acquired before preparing the liner. A resin mixture made of polyester and polyurethane is prepared based on the acquired measurements. Then, it will be poured into the liner and rolled several times to ensure complete impregnation. The liner will be loaded into a machine which inverts the liner into the damaged pipe using air pressure.

III. Curing

Once the liner has been installed, it will be cured for a couple of hours. Hot water or steam might be used to aid the curing process in larger pipes. For smaller pipes, ambient curing will only take an hour.

IV. Re-inspection

Following the completion of the curing process, the quality of the pipe relining job will be assessed using the CCTV drain camera again.

Advantages of Pipe Relining

Pipe relining provides several advantages over traditional pipe repair including:

  • Quick installation – Usually, the entire process can be done within a day.
  • High reliability – The lining material is guaranteed to last up to 50 years!
  • Prevents root intrusion – Since the final product is joint-less, root intrusion will not be a problem anymore.
  • Cost-effective method – No need for expensive digging, saving you time and money for landscape restoration.
  • Less down time – A “no-dig” solution results to minimal disruption
  • Increased wastewater flow – The flow of wastewater is improved due to the smoother surface of the relined pipe.

Preserve your lawn by choosing trenchless methods. Pipe relining is one of the major specialties of Plumber Artarmon. Call us now on 0412 154 814 and our team of pipe relining experts will be happy to assist you.

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