Various hot water heater safety tips for you

Having a water heater has become essential today. But you need to keep the following hot water heater safety tips in mind in order to keep you and your family safe at all times.


Firstly, it is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions that are given on the water heater and to adhere to them properly at all times. Next, make sure that the air vents present at the bottom of the water heater are always kept clean and free from any kind of lint, dust or dirt that may be accumulating there.


All the insulation blankets as well as the commercial pipe wraps need to be authorized enough to be used for water heaters. The burner control as well as the air vents need to be covered by insulation at all times. And while securing these insulation, make use of straps only that have been provided by the manufacturer. Never use any tape for this purpose.


In case you are using any kind of flammable liquids then extinguish the pilot light before doing so.Always keep the temperature under control. But there is no point in keeping it too low as else the whole purpose of the water heater would be wasted. Also, too low temperature would lead togrowth of bacteria in the water heater. Make sure that you do not keep anything on top of your water heater or near it. The water should be able to flow out freely. On closing the valve, no dripping should be taking place. In case there is an issue here, you need to replace the valve on an immediate basis.


Make use of the drain valve in order to flush out the water heater. This can be done at regular intervals to remove any sedimentation taking place.


Make use of all these hot water heater safety tips and be safe always.