Facts about Solar Hot Water System

Plumberartarmon Solar Water System

Hot water systems are indeed essential to residents residing in areas which normally experiences low temperature. There are different types of hot water systems. These systems vary in the type of fuel it is powered. A hot water system can run through the use of gas, electricity or solar energy. This article tackles about hot water systems that are powered by the sun’s energy. Here are some benefits of using a solar hot water system.
Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Solar Water Heating

Water heating systems are indeed the major source of greenhouse gas emissions. However, this article is not suggesting you to quit using these types of systems since water heating systems are essential to you. There are some other options or ways to avoid large emissions of greenhouse gases which include the usage of solar hot water system rather than using electrical hot water system. It has been tested and proven that solar hot water systems have the ability to reduce the huge emission of greenhouse gases. This system is cost-effective too as it is effective in saving energy.
Utilises the energy of the sun to heat water

The usage of a solar hot water system is greatly efficient to areas that have an abundant supply of the sun’s energy. This system is powered by the sun’s energy. It absorbs and uses the thermal energy coming from the sun to heat water. Solar collectors are installed on the roof which collects the sun’s heat energy.
Cost-Effective Water Heating System

Compared to the other types of water heating systems, solar hot water systems are cost effective as this uses the sun’s energy. There is no need for homeowners to purchase fuel or pay much on the electricity. The sun’s energy can be used any time of the day without purchasing it since there is an abundant supply of the sun’s energy. Although this system is partially high-priced due to its price and installation, you can save much on the costly electrical bills. Solar hot water systems can also last long compared to the other systems.
Types of Solar Hot Water Systems

There are basically two types of solar hot water systems: the active system and the passive system.
Active System

An active system is also known as the split or pump system which uses circulating pumps to control heat water. Solar collectors or panels are installed on top of the roof and the storage tank is placed on the ground level. Through the use of an electric pump, the non-freezing heat transfer liquid or water is pumped by the collector. This type of system basically costly and uses much energy compared to the passive system. However, active systems are generally much effective to use once the electric pump is powered by a renewable energy.
Passive System

On the other hand, passive systems transfer fluid without using electric pumps. A storage tank is usually installed above the solar collector or panel. Passive systems are typically cost-effective compared to the active system. However, they are not suitable and most importantly must not be used in areas where the temperature could go below the freezing point.