The 6 Main Benefits of having a Solar Water Heater

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Solar water heaters have become quite the craze as being one of the most energy-efficient heating systems that’s available worldwide. Furthermore, it’s also proof how science and technology have developed over the years to create something unique and ground-breaking. This water heating systems has tons of benefits; check them out below.

1. Clean source of energy and cuts the energy costs from heating water

The energy-saving feature of this water heater is truly high. It’s not really much a surprise why a solar water heating system can save a lot of energy; it doesn’t use any electricity or even gases so your energy utility bills won’t be expensive compared to your usual water heater. Furthermore, solar water heaters use the energy of the sun so it’s a clean source unlike natural gas fuels which contribute to the carbon dioxide emissions.

2. Return of investment

Setting up a solar water heater in your home is certainly not cheap. In fact; these types of water heating systems are amongst the most expensive in the world. However, despite the expensive installation and components cost; solar water heaters are actually a good investment. You can have a return of investment around 5-10 years; depending on how expensive the unit or model is.

3. Maintenance is nominal and inexpensive

If you’re using a standard water heater; you’re not just spending money for the energy usage but also for the maintenance. Storage water heating systems need to have its anode rod removed, descaled, drained, and among other maintenance necessities. If you have a solar water heating system; you don’t have to worry too much about maintenance. You’ll probably only need at least a once a year maintenance for it. Also, there aren’t many expenses for the maintenance since the parts are pretty much self-sustaining.

4. Places that are always sunny can benefit a lot from this water heating system

It’s obvious that places that are always sunny can benefit a lot from a solar water heater since the more sunshine the location has; the more solar energy the components can gather to heat water for your plumbing system. There may be solar water heaters designed for cold climates but the effectiveness isn’t really that great compared to a solar water heating system that’s exposed to plentiful of sunshine.

5. Leasing benefits

This will actually depend on what country you’re living from because some of them actually provide some leasing benefits for those who install solar water heaters in their home. These leasing benefits allow for a more affordable option for homeowners since it lowers the installation cost. Furthermore, there are other incentives provided by the government such as cash rebates for setting up a solar water heating system.

6. Saves space

This is more of an added benefit when installing a solar water heater. This heating system doesn’t have any tank so you can save a lot of space in rooms that were used for storage water heaters. Not to mention that it can be just mounted on the roof of your home.