6 Indications of Water Heater Failure

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Most home owners would love to enjoy a hot shower or bath. Having a hot shower or bath would be a great way to start or end your day. A hot water is essential during the cold season as the water produced at this time would be freezing cold. With this, the home owners tend to install water heaters at home. However, there are some cases that we notice some failures in our tank. Here are some indications that there is a problem in your water heater.

1. Inadequate Supply of Hot Water

You can determine a fail in your water heater once you notice that there is a sudden freeze in the hot water. This is mainly due to the minerals that it carries with them. The minerals separate from the water and it settles at the bottom of the water heater tank. It builds up inside the tank which causes the water heater to hold a reduced amount of water.

2. Noisy and Rattling Sound Produced

One obvious sign of fail in the water heater is once you hear some banging noises produced by the water heater. The mineral builds up at the bottom of the tank is the main reason for this noise. There is a great tendency for the water heater to overheat when the mineral builds up in the tank insulates the heat that is made to heat the water. With this, the water heater tends to produce a noisy rattling sound.

3. Smelly and Cloudy Hot Water

A smelly and cloudy hot water is also a sign of a fail in the water heater. It basically occurs once the sediments found at the bottom of the water heater combines with the water which gives a cloudy appearance with a metallic smell. The metallic smell is due to the bacteria present in the water heater. When the mineral blocks your shower screen, the flow of water will tend to slow down.

4. Rusty Hot Water

It is not quite normal and healthy to have rusty water. This rusty water which comes out from your shower heads or faucet might be because of the interior part of your water heater which starts to wear out and might probably leak soon. With this, the hot water might contain rust with them and you probably would not want to have a hot shower with a rusty one.

5. Leaky Tank

It is normal for water heaters that are made of metal to rust. When it rusts, the tank will tend to leak. With this, the supply of hot water will be reduced and the water may pool around your water heater. In addition to this, there will be wastage of water causing your water bill to increase.

6. Temperature Inconsistencies

When the sediments in your tank continuously build up, the minerals will insulate and block the heating of the water. As a result, there might be an inconsistency in the temperature of your hot water. When the hot water produced by your water heater tank does not suffice your desired heat, then there might be something wrong with your water heater.