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Hot Water in Artarmon

Annie had a curse. It was a big, annoying curse that followed her to every house she owned, rented or stayed in. She simply wasn’t meant to have hot water. That was the only conclusion she could come up with as she stared at the water pouring from the bottom of the tank in her laundry. Last time it had been a faulty valve, but the plumber had been rude and a day late. Unfortunately there was no putting this off.

She hopped online and searched for a local plumber. The first link was a Plumber she hadn’t used, so she rang them. Before she even booked in, they advised her to shut the water off to the tank. There would be a tap, or an isolation valve, which would stop water flowing into the tank. That way, the tank wouldn’t keep refilling and flooding her home, it would simply drain out what was left. Amazed at how helpful they had been already, Annie booked them in and began mopping up the water.

The Plumber called when he was on his way, and on her doorstep he put protective covers over his boots to protect her floors! Annie showed him to the tank and was already agreeing to getting it replaced before he’d even said it. There was no way to fix a tank with a hole in the bottom! The Plumber ducked out to pick up a new tank, and was back in next to no time, removing the old tank and installing the new one! After he finished, the Plumber tidied up his work site and threw the old tank into the back of his truck. He then returned and tested the taps in her home to make sure the water was heating.

Annie hadn’t seen a plumber so efficient, friendly and respectful of her home! She got his business card and immediately saved his number in her phone.

For a local plumber you can trust, call your local Artarmon Plumber on 0412 154 814 to help with your hot water system today!

3 Inexpensive Ways To Maintain Your Water Heater System

Our water heater system is one of the units that quietly sits at the corner of our basement or outside our homes. However, it provides a great service for us-, especially during winter season. It helps us get through the freezing temperature by giving us the hot water we need. Having a water heater in…

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4 Essential Considerations When Purchasing A Water Heater

 Water heaters are essential especially to households that are located in areas constantly experiencing cold temperatures. However, even to areas with a not-that-low temperature, water heaters are widely installed in most homes. This is because they are of great help in increasing our water temperature if we want to enjoy a hot shower to start…

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Solar Hot Water Systems

In theory, 18% of domestic energy usage goes into the operation of a water heater. This is because most homes use the demand-type water heaters that run on electricity and yes, it can be quite expensive. But because life will be a lot harder without the benefits of a water heater, most homeowners are left…

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3 Effective Ways to Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

Like you as a human being, no hot water system can last forever. A water heater can only serve you for eight to a dozen years at maximum, but with less care, it may die in three years or less. Why is it important to find ways to prolong the life of your water heater?…

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5 Common Types Of Water Heater System

Before purchasing a water heater unit, it’s always good to know what it’s made of, its different features, its size and most importantly the price. The price is the factor that causes homeowners to but it or switch for another option which is less expensive. There are a lot of water heater types available in the market that…

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Storage vs. Instantaneous Water Heaters

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The 6 Main Benefits of having a Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters have become quite the craze as being one of the most energy-efficient heating systems that’s available worldwide. Furthermore, it’s also proof how science and technology have developed over the years to create something unique and ground-breaking. This water heating systems has tons of benefits; check them out below. 1. Clean source of…

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6 Indications of Water Heater Failure

Most home owners would love to enjoy a hot shower or bath. Having a hot shower or bath would be a great way to start or end your day. A hot water is essential during the cold season as the water produced at this time would be freezing cold. With this, the home owners tend…

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4 Ways to Reduce Your Water Heating Bill

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Hot Water System: 6 Things to Evaluate Before Buying a New One

Water heater is very useful for us. Most especially for those people who lives in cold places. The hot water it produces brings comfort and relaxation against the cold climate that most of us can’t withstand. Furthermore, varieties of the unit have already been released in the market, the units are made with different features…

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Facts about Solar Hot Water System

Hot water systems are indeed essential to residents residing in areas which normally experiences low temperature. There are different types of hot water systems. These systems vary in the type of fuel it is powered. A hot water system can run through the use of gas, electricity or solar energy. This article tackles about hot…

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5 Considerations to Get the Best Hot Water System for Your Needs

If your water heaters needs multiple repairs each year then you really need to replace it. There’s no point in trying to extend the life of an old and damage equipment if it’s going to cost you more money in repairing. When buying a water heater you should need to consider a few factors in…

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Low Water Pressure After Installing New Heater

Installation of a heater can bring with it problems with pressure. If the pressure drops lower than you expected then you might have to carry out a battery of tests in order to isolate the problem. Replacing the heater is an option but it is not always the solution. More less than often the problem…

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Tips to Install Water Heater Straps

Water heaters need to be properly braced to prevent falling over during earthquakes or home renovations which would result in rupturing gas or water connections. It is important to know how to install water heater straps as well as the right type of strap to use to protect your water heater. Some straps such as…

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Observing and Maintaining Water Heaters

Water warmer guarantees keep going for a long time, possibly a decade, yet it won’t keep going for eternity. Fitting upkeep of your unit can spare you time and cash, yet once in a while its not difficult to overlook about until it breaks. Alternately more terrible, it ruins your ground surface or sets blazing…

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Water Heater Care And Maintenance

Your water heater is one of the most employed and more expensive appliances at your residence, and uses a large section of your energy bucks each month. And experts say regular care and servicing is essential to shielding your purchase and protecting on your house heating and energy charges. Regular flushing of your hot water…

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Plumbing for Hot Water Heater

Water warmer upkeep is a standout amongst the most noteworthy yet overlooked things in your home. The life compass of the normal gas high temp water tank is roughly 8 to 12 years, with electric it is more or less 10-15 years. It could be working at a quite diminished level before it quits meeting…

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A Guide on How to Fix a Leaking Hot Water Heater Tank

To start with, you have to know the location that leaks in your tank. How do you do this? You will check the tank after putting water in it. When you observe that water is coming from a given spot, you’ll take measure that you need after realizing the area that leaks. Many people make errors when determining the part of the tank that leaks.

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Various hot water heater safety tips for you

Having a hot water heater has grown to become very important nowadays. However, you really need to keep the following hot water heater safety suggestions in mind in order to keep yourself and your family safe and sound at all times.

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A Buyers Guide to Electric Shower that will Suite Your Needs

Electric shower is known as one of the most effective and useful. This is because it heats up the water on a need-basis. There are plenty of electric heaters available in the market, therefore Electric hot water heater buyers guide is useful when you want to purchase one.

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