Seasonal Plumbing Tips: Plumbing before a Summer Vacation

plumber artarmon Seasonal Plumbing Tips: Plumbing before a Summer VacationOne of the perks of summer is the chance to go out of town to catch some sun. Most of us get too excited that we forget to take extra precautions and prepare the house before we leave. If you are having fun in a different place, it might be ideal that you make sure everything is going to go smoothly at home and you will be able to pick up right where you left off without trouble. To do this, you have to take steps to assure that your appliances will be in perfect shape when you return from your beach getaway. Here are useful and easy steps you must take to keep your mind at ease:

Utilise the Shutoff Valve

The main shut-off valve holds the key to whether or not the whole house is supplied with water. When you plan a family outing that will last for at least a few days, it is a good idea to activate the shut-off valve on your way out. This precautionary measure will save you from wasting your money if your water bill shoots up during your time away because of unnoticed problems. Doing this will reduce the chance of pipe leaks and bursts as well as water flooding your home since no one is there to keep a watchful eye on your plumbing.

Turn off all outdoor taps and disconnect the hoses

No matter what time of the year you choose your vacation to be, it is always a good move to remember disconnecting the outdoor taps and hoses. These fixtures are good sources of leaks and drips. These can undoubtedly help your water bill skyrocket if it remains unfixed. To make things worse, if the garden hose is still attached to your outdoor tap while the water pressure fluctuates, the small-scale problems that the plumbing system is already experiencing could worsen and create serious plumbing issues.

Empting the Water Storage and Tanks

No water will be wasted during your time away if you spend a moment to make sure that water tanks and toilet tanks are emptied of water prior to your leave. When you leave water inside your tank, this water will sit still until such time someone uses the supply and during that span, it has plenty of opportunities to develop stink and mould. This situation will certainly add to your cleaning duties upon our arrival.

Set the Sprinkler on Timer

If you leave your water sprinkler on during your vacation, it will lead to too much water wastage and create a pool of water in your lawn that will likely drown your plants. To avoid this, set your sprinkler on specific time interval. The good times of the day to activate your sprinkler is during early morning and late afternoon when the plants are given their water needs to last throughout the day.

Switch off the Water Heater

As you get ready to leave the house for a long or an indefinite time, make sure that you have shut off your water heater. This machinery is complicated and sensitive. Over usage will certainly lead to heating and, eventually, malfunctioning of the machine. Shutting it off will help in lessening your bill. Also, unmonitored operation of the water heater can lead to gas leak, water heater leaks and explosion.