How to Prevent Basement Flooding

basement floodingIn renovating or polishing your basement, you need to make sure it isn’t prone to flooding. Basement flooding can be a nightmare for those who have spent a lot of time, effort, and money to make their underground haven comfy and appealing. Most of the time, the flooding is caused by strong rain showers paired with a blocked drainage. However, there are instances when leakage or damage in plumbing systems is the main culprit. In any case, you can make use of the information below to prevent the occurrence of basement flooding.

Free-Flowing Gutter and Extended Down spouts

A common mistake in basement flooding prevention is not making sure the gutters is clear from leaves, garbage, and other objects that can cause blockage. Aside from that, the down spouts should be situated far from the house’s foundation. Creating extensions for the down spouts and gutter is highly recommended so that the rainwater can flow farther away from the basement. Also, if you’re planning to replace down spouts or extend it, make sure you use the metallic units as it’s proven to be more durable and doesn’t leak compared to the cheap plastic models.

Check the Lawn for Multiple Puddles & Ponding in your Vicinity

The puddles and pooling may look insignificant but this can be perilous if left out during successive strong rain showers. The accumulation of water can contribute to the flooding of the basement and even your yard. Ask help from experienced landscapers as well as excavation experts on how to improve your yard and pavements to have less or no water build-up.

Invest in Sump Pumps

A sump pump is plumbing equipment that can help lower the water levels in your basement by collecting water and depositing it into the sump pumps basin. It’s a useful tool for your household, especially during rainy season.

In purchasing your very own sump pump, go for the heavy units that have cast iron and have a large water capacity. This type of sump pump may be expensive, but the quality, functionality, and durability make it a great investment. It’s also important to install a backup power supply for the sump pump in case there is an power outage. This battery backup can be a lifesaver, especially when there are occurrences of brownouts during rain storms. The battery should be a high quality power supply and not the cheap versions since this proves to be useless and may fail during in times of need. Generators are also a great addition for extra power emergencies.

Seal all Cracks Found in the Foundation

You may be too focused with the outside preparation that you overlooked the foundation. Inspect the foundation wall if there are any cracks or damage, if you found one, be sure to fix it as soon as possible. There are foundation contractors who can easily repair these damages.

Get Flood Insurance

Even with all the preventive measures you have done, there may be a time when everything just goes wrong and you’re left with your basement flooding–which is why you need a flood insurance to help you recover from the damages. Check your home insurance first if it provides protection from floods, if not, you have to get your own with the help of a home insurance agent.