How to Properly Use Plumber’s Strapping

Plumber’s strapping, which is also known as a hanger strap, suspends or secures different plumbing pipes, such as DWV and water supply pipes, from floors, walls, and framing members. The two common kinds of hanger strap are metal and vinyl strapping. Both kinds have a coiled strip that is made of either metal or vinyl, and you can set them up in your home in the same way. All you need to do is to follow the steps below:

1. Get the roll of strapping you just purchased from a hardware store and pull one foot of the said material off the roll. Hold the loose portion of the hanger strap against a fastening surface, like a wall stud. Then loop the strap around a pipe and back to the loose part of the roll.

2. Pull the strap tight around a pipe and then align its fastener holes carefully against the fastening surface. Using one hand, secure the strapping. Have the position of the nail or screw on the securing surface marked with a felt marker. While still keeping the strap in place using a hand, mark the spot where you should cut the strapping away from the roll.

3. Unloop the strap from the pipe, and then remove the strap from the surface it was fastened to. Cut the strap to the correct length using scissors or snips, depending on what the strapping is made of. Scissors should be used for plastic straps while snips should be used for metal straps.

4. The cut portion of strapping should then be looped around the pipe. Once you have done this, pull the strap tight and then align its holes with the mark which indicates the nail’s or screw’s position. With a hand, hold the strap in place.

5. Once you have done the above, pass a screw or nail to the hand that is holding the strap. Have the fastener pressed through the fastener holes and to the mark which indicates where the nail/screw needs to be. Release the strapping so the fastener can secure it in place. Then with the use of a hammer or power drill, drive the nail or screw to the surface.

While doing this task, it is not impossible for you to notice one or two problems in your home plumbing system. If you do find one that you cannot properly handle, get the help of a qualified plumber in your area right away.