How to Get Rid of Plumbing Noises

plumbing noisesPlumbing noises is a common problem experienced by homeowners around the world. The cause of the noise depends on what type of plumbing fixture is producing it. The buzzes can be annoying every time you use your appliances. Don’t worry; here are some tips on how to get rid of the plumbing noises.

The Toilet Produces Pulsating Sounds after Being Flushed

This usually occurs when the fill valve is damaged or just too old to function well. The valve degrades as time passes and its elasticity is negatively affected. Whenever the fill valve shuts down, the aged fill valve produces vibrations throughout the piping system, creating a vibrating sound. To confirm that the fill valve is indeed the reason of the noise, take the tank lid off and slowly lift the float arm of the fill valve. If you noticed that the sound stopped, then the fill valve is indeed the cause of the noise. Replace the fill valve with a new and high quality unit.

Grumbling Sound whenever the Water Heater is Being Used

It’s most likely that the water heater has accumulated a lot of sediment and hard water minerals. When the water heater is used, the warm water boils the debris, which in turn, causes the rumbling noise. Furthermore, the build-up will cause the tank heater to become less inefficient since it’s absorbing the warm water and possibly clogging the system. What you can do is to drain the tank with the use of a drain hose, but be careful when dispensing hot water since it can easily damage the floor. Let it drain for around five minutes.

To prevent the noise from happening again perhaps you can switch to newer models of water heater tanks since old versions are less efficient in dealing with sediment build-up. Additionally, you can install water softeners to lower the mineral accumulation.

Loud Noises Coming from the Pipes

One of the reasons why the pipes are producing loud sounds is that your household has a strong water pressure. This can be easily resolved by installing a water pressure regulator or even a pressure reducing valve. In modern houses, a regulator is already set up in the water supply. Installing a water pressure regulator may be expensive with its initial installation, but it can definitely help your water supply pipes in the long run.

Vibrating Sound when the Water is Flowing but disappears after closing Plumbing Fixtures

The main cause of the vibrating sound is when a large pile up of debris is formed. The debris formation usually happens with galvanised as well as copper pipes since these metals shed off metallic debris, especially when it start to rust. Replacing the pipes is the only option, but make sure you’re setting up PVC pipes or something that doesn’t rust easily.

Sudden and Heavy Noise from Pipes

This could be coming from a pipe-mounting strap that isn’t properly fitted. The loose metal components vibrate and create sudden noises as water passes through.