Clever Tips for Water Efficient Plumbing

Since we are now faced with the great possibility of water shortage, everyone is expected to do his/her own part in conserving water. Now, you wouldn’t want to suffer such catastrophe, would you?

You can’t even begin to imagine a day without water. That’s like a total nightmare to us all. You can still, however, do something to avoid such from happening.

There are a lot of simple ways you can do at home to help save water, you can start off with your plumbing. Your plumbing holds the water you use at home. With proper plumbing use, you can control your water consumption and get to save more of it. By doing so, you do not only save water but you also get to save money on your utility bills.

Now that’s a more pleasant scenario to look forward to, right? You get to avoid the disasters of water shortage and you also get to save more and get to have a sustainable way of living. To help you achieve that, we will provide you with smart ways on how to efficiently use your plumbing.

For Taps

You’ve already heard this for more than a million times, “turn off the taps when brushing your teeth”. But still, not all of us are doing it. Do you have any idea how much water you’re wasting with such habit? An average tap releases 2 gallons every minute. Basically, you’re wasting an average of 8 gallons per day by leaving your taps on while brushing your teeth.

Once you also notice that your tap is leaking, fix it immediately. Fixing a dripping or leaking tap can be as simple as changing an old washer. You can just do it by yourself. A lot of websites provide you with step by step instructions on how to replace taps on your own.

Instead of letting the water run for a couple of minutes while you wait for it to get cold enough for drinking, you can keep the warm water in a pitcher first and let it cool down there or you may place it in the refrigerator if you want to.

Use low-flow aerators to cut back on your water consumption. Aerators help in controlling your tap water flow.

For Toilets

Did you know that your toilet is responsible for 27 per cent of your daily water consumption at home? So, if you’re aware that you have a leaking or running toilet, get it fixed as soon as possible or else you’ll be wasting 200 gallons of water a day. A leaky toilet may not be easy to detect, so you have to be wary of the signs of a leaking toilet. You can test it to see if there are any leaks. Flush your toilet and then remove its tank cover. Pour food colouring inside the tank, a teaspoon of it would be enough. Leave it for an hour then go back to check your bowl for any food colouring. If there is, then that means there is a leak between your toilet’s tank and bowl.

When using the flusher, you can use a device that would limit or lessen the volume of water and the flush duration. You can also use a bucket of water for flushing, instead of using the flusher. This trick will totally help you save more. Though, this may not sound first world-ish, but hey we’re talking about saving water here. Nothing’s more important than conserving our resources for survival, right?

For Water Heaters

For your heating system, going for the tankless type would be the best option. This type of system heats just enough water for you as you use it. Unlike traditional heaters, a tankless system will not require you to run your sink, showers and taps to wait for water to get warm. It also offers you tons of benefits. You can instantly acquire hot water any time you might need it, and you can also control the volume of hot water you use.