7 Useful Eco-friendly Household Cleaners

Plumber Artarmon

Don’t want to spend that much money on expensive cleaning tools? Here’s a good news! You can easily find some (if not all) of these remedies in your home. If you are a nature lover and don’t want to upset mother nature by using chemical-induced cleaning tools, here are 7 useful eco-friendly home remedies that you can use as an alternative instead.

1. Vinegar

    Vinegar is widely known as a very helpful ingredient around the house. Its ability to clean fixtures and appliances while adding a delectable flavour in recipes is recognised all through out many countries. Any kind of vinegar, mixed with a little bit of water or sometimes baking soda,proves to be a very powerful cleaner for dirty soap scums, fogged mirrors, stubborn stains and prevent lime scale from setting up camp in your fixtures and appliances.

2. Salt

    Salt nowadays is not only used as an ingredient to preserve food and add flavour but it is alsoused as an abrasive to help you in scrubbing annoying stains and scales off your sinks,bathtubs, taps, showers and floors. It can even remove tile grout.

3. Toothpaste

    Turn that almost empty tube of toothpaste you have as a cleaning tool. You can minimise your grocery shopping bills this way as you won’t have to buy expensive chemicals to help you clean off fixtures and appliances around your house. A plain, white toothpaste is proved to be much better than those gel varieties with additives. This can be a good alternative to cleaning bathroom walls, sinks, shower tiles and other fixtures around the house.

4. Baking Soda

    Don’t let that extra baking soda go to waste after you baked cookies. This baking ingredient can help deodorise and clean fixtures and appliances around the house. It can either be mixed with water or vinegar which results to a cleaner and odourless bathroom and kitchen surroundings.

5. Soda

    Instead of ruining your healthy body by consuming more than the necessary intake of soda, why not use soda to eradicate dirt and odour in your toilet bowl? You can let it sit in the fixture before you go on scrubbing and flushing the toilet.

6. Lemon Juice

    Can’t finish that pitcher of lemon juice? Let’s put it to good use by using it as a disinfectant in sinks and as a polisher for bathroom fixtures. Either undiluted or mixed with water, this can also remove stains in the bathtubs.

7. Vanilla Extract

    A drop of vanilla gives off an amazing smell. It’d be much more pleasant to the smelling sensesif you dip it in a cotton ball and place it somewhere in the house to treat and replace foul odourswith its sweet and fragrant smell.