Plumber Artarmon kitchen tap

In the modern day market, there are many models of kitchen taps. These taps have different functions and capabilities, and knowing them would be helpful in choosing the best tap in accordance to its kitchen use and sink style. Installing the best tap that fits its kitchen function would help make your kitchen duties more convenient and comfortable. Aside from that, it is a must to know the kind of kitchen taps you have installed before doing a repair when possible problem arises. Kitchen taps may be a minor thing and is paid lesser attention in your home but it is definitely the most used kitchen appliance. Let me give you some of the basic types of kitchen taps.


    Ball faucet is best known because of its single lever that makes a rotating motion around a ball-shaped cap. This cap contains slots which controls the amount of hot and cold water that will be allowed to come out in the spout.


    This is the faucet that gives you the guarantee of long term use without wearing out. This has two ceramic disks, a fixed one and a movable one. This is a more durable valve for a long term use over a different water conditions.


    Cartridge taps is commonly known as washer-less. This id called cartridge tap because of the hollow metal of plastic cartridge sealed against the spout or body of the faucet. There are two versions of cartridge faucet, the single lever faucet and the two handle faucets that use many kinds of valves.


    This the faucet commonly found in old homes because compression faucet has been in the plumbing market for a long time. This has two separate handles that controls the hot water and cold water flow. This works with the help of a compression and is pressed against a valve seat.


    When you have small kitchen sinks at home, it would be best for you to install pull out taps. This is useful for shallow kitchen sinks because it is retractable. You can remove the spout to fill large kettles and wash huge cooking and kitchen utensils that would impossibly fit in your kitchen sink. But this has disadvantage too. When used excessively for a long time, spring might loosen and might wear out.


    This is of the same appearance and design with that of pullout faucets but it is of opposite purpose. This has the capability of moving up and down, perfect for deep and big kitchen sinks. You can just easily pull the spray head down, best for washing large pots and vegetables.


    This is the kind of faucet is highly influenced by modern day’s technology. It is a faucet’s primary duty to give clean water for drinking and washing and modern kitchen tap would respond to that need without you touching them. The motion sensor would give the command and water will be produced immediately. This is because of the unnoticeable technological advancement.