5 Plumbing Myths Debunked

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Since all homes have plumbing systems, it would be best to have adequate knowledge regarding the common do-it-yourself plumbing essentials or you to be free from costly expenses for the repairs or replacements. However, the problem could possibly get even worse if the plumbing mistakes are done. Here are 5 plumbing myths that are debunked for you to be saved from the troublesome plumbing issues.

1. Ignoring Leaky Taps

A single drip from a leaky tap could be a way of wasting water and you’re like washing your money into the drain too. Leaky taps tend to increase your water bill in a flash. It can also cause stain and can damage your plumbing fixtures which can obviously lead to some major issues. Have these leaky taps fixed as soon as possible to free you from costly repairs.

2. Hot Water as a Grease Remover

Most homeowners believe that hot water is an effective way to clear the blockages inside the drain such as grease. Indeed, it is true. However, hot water tends to cool down after a few minutes which cause the grease to harden and stick to the interior walls of your drain pipe. Once the grease hardens, it will be harder to remove. The best thing to do is to avoid washing down grease and other fatty substances into the drain.

3. Unconditional Dumping of Wastes in the Disposal

Although it is known as a garbage disposal, it still has limitations on the wastes that can be thrown in it. There are certain food wastes that must be thrown in a trash bin in of throwing it in the garbage disposal. The food wastes that must be avoided in the disposal are cigarette butts, bones, fatty substances, large food wastes and much more. These items can decrease the service lifespan of your disposal. As a result, it would be necessary for you to replace the entire unit.

4. Lemon Peels as Deodoriser

Using lemon peels is the most known method in deodorising the drains. Most homeowners find this method effective. However, this action has a negative effect o your drains. Its citric acid component has the ability to corrode the metal inside your system. It would be advisable to use ice cubes as it can loosen the gunk from the disposal and also sharpens the blade.

5. The Misleading Flushables

Just like a disposal and a sink, there is also a limitation when it comes to materials that can flush down in the toilet bowl. There are toiletries that must be avoided inside the toilet bowl such as wipes, sanitary napkins, hygiene products and much more as these items can cause blockages in your toilet bowl. These must be avoided as it will not dissolve in water. The only material that is designed to be flushed down the toilet bowl is the toilet paper. Therefore, pay attention to the items that are flushed in the toilet bowl and be knowledgeable on the items that flushable and non-flushable.