5 Common Types of Hose Bibs

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Unknown to most homeowners, there are actually a few types of hose bibs that are created for specific purposes and function. When you say hose bib, what usually comes to mind is the common threaded faucet that is used to connect the garden hose to a supply main. Various types are invented to cater to the very specific needs of the homeowner. Each type has certain characteristics and advantages that deem them useful and effective in a specific environment and situations. In this article, you will come across 5 common types of hose bibs to help you run the household smoothly and also, this article serves as a guideline for you to know exactly what kind of hose bib you are investing on.
Here are 5 of the most used types of hose bibs:

1. Frost Free Hose Bib

This type of hose bib is an important component to winter plumbing. This has a non-frost mechanism that keeps the bib, tap and pipe protected from freezing and potential bursting. These are often found in outdoor water supply facilities in both industrial and residential spaces. Of course, the pipeline that sports a frost free bib needs to have its own line and shut off valve. This is one of the most common pipe bursting preventive steps.

2. Old Type of Hose Bib

This is one of the most conventional and unpretentious models. This hose bib design is found often in old and unkempt homes. This type of hose bib is suitable for places that are not affected by winter and other cold seasons that may lead to freezing the pipe. When used in areas that experience winter or cold, the lines connected to this bib will need draining so it will not burst. Removing any plumbing fixture attached to this bib such as hose is also a preventive step against pipes being frozen. Given all these steps you need to observe with this bib type, it is truly a lot of work. Aside from winter season, this bib is quite effective.

3. Loose Key Hose Bib

This hose bib model is detachable from the rest of the plumbing fixture and is armed with a key to put back on or remove the bib. This model is suitable and useful for taps and spaces where there is more than one occupant. For those who wish to protect their property from unauthorised usage, then this is the hose bib for you. Loose key hose bibs are often used in water heaters and other plumbing appliances that need to be detached or dismantled at some point.

4. Knobbed Hose Bib

This is another type of hose bib that is compatible with any kind of water heater. This bib provides easy draining for cleaning the water heater. However, its one setback is that dismantling this model will need effort and will require a wrench.

5. Round Plastic Hose Bib

A round plastic hose bib is the best type of bib for water heaters since this is very easy to remove and dismantle for cleaning, repair and maintenance of the unit. Also, this is giving the homeowner and the plumber easy access to dismantle by simply turning and pulling it gently.