4 Usual Plumbing Problems Occurring in Winter

Plumberartarmon Frozen Pipe

As winter start to approach, plumbing problems are expected to arise due to the change in weather conditions. As the temperature drops, snow blankets the ground and plumbing device act up when they are not ready for the sudden weather shift. This time of the year, you can be that a whole lot of problems pertaining to pipes, taps and other plumbing fixtures will begin to bug you. Given the cold environment, homeowners do not really want to deal with plumbing disaster this time of the year. The first step in fighting these anomalies is to know what they so that you will have inkling on how to prevent them from happening again. Here are 4 most common plumbing problems during the winter season:

    1. Frozen Pipes

It is no question why pipes freeze over the winter. This happens to almost every home whenever the temperature drops. It is a danger to both the pipe and the plumbing system. When a pipe freezes the pressure from the incoming water supply accumulates in the area and overt time, this will cause the pipe to burst. This develops to become a nightmare to the homeowners. One way to prevent this from happening is by insulating the pipes by wrapping them with foam to keep them warm. Another way is to make sure that the water inside the pipe does not stay stagnant for too long. Make sure to run the tap every once in a while to prevent the water inside the pipe from freezing. Remember that moving water is less likely to freeze compared to the stagnant one.

    2. Poor Heating

Due to the dropped temperature around them, heating appliances will have a hard time doing their job. Also, mind that during the summer or hotter seasons, the heating appliance for the winter is indolently making then prone to breaking down, disintegration and failure after such long time of being merely stashed away. Make it a habit of testing out the appliance before the winter arrives to make sure that they are working properly. If not, contact a technician for a sure result in fixing the device.

    3. Water Leakage

If you have outdoor taps and other similar fixtures, you might have to routinely check on them over the winter to make sure that they have not accumulated snow or have frozen over as this is a common event and can lead to serious plumbing problems. If the outdoor tap is sporting a stagnant amount of water in its pipe, the water may freeze, expanding its width and eventually bursting the pipe. Before the full-blow of winter, proceed to drain all the contents of the pipe leading to the outdoor pipe and utilise the shutoff valve in the junction point of the pipes. This will make sure that your outdoor pipes that are unused will not have any possibility of bursting.

    4. Water Heater Failure

Water heaters work double time over the winter season. During this time, pressure and stress are liable to add up to the damage that the heater previously attained over the hotter or warmer seasons. When this happens, a homeowner’s best course of action is to contact a technician to fix the water heater.