4 Tips That Help Avoid Plumbing Emergencies While You’re on Vacation

plumber artarmon plumbing-emergency-tipsThe safety of your house should be prioritised before you’re going out-of-town. Shutting down the electric source and locking entry points are common safety procedures practised. A lot of people often forget that the plumbing system should also be safe and secure, especially when they’re away from home. Here are some plumbing tips that will help you avoid plumbing emergencies and other problems while you’re enjoying your vacation.

1. Completely shut down all incoming water into your home

For those who plan on going out for a long time then you should shut down the water supply that’s going into your house. The purpose of this tip is to prevent any vast water damage in case there is a pipe bursts while you’re away. There should be main shut off valve somewhere in your house. Turn the valve off to cut the water inflow. You should also drain out the remaining water by opening all of your tap ware.

2. Check your water heater if it has many issues

Water heaters are appliances that tend to have a lot of issues. After all, its mechanism and components are used almost every day. Your water heater may have leaks when you’re not in town. Leaving a leakage on a water heater can damage the system even further. A clear indicator that a water heater is leaking is the presence of water formation around the tank. Have a plumber or water heater expect inspect it further. In some cases, a leaking tank means that the water heater must be replaced. Of course, this will depend on how severe the leak is. You should ask a professional to do a full inspection of your unit to detect other possible problems. If your water heater is fine then you should turn it off or set it at vacation mode to prevent it from consuming energy.

3. Check your sump pump

Sump pumps are the number one equipment that can avert basement flooding. Repairing a flooded basement is expensive and tedious so you should consider having a sump pump installed. Always make sure that the sump pump is operational and doesn’t have any problems. This is integral, especially when you’re absent from your home.
Check Important parts of the sump pump like the float switch and pit if there are issues present. You don’t want to return to your home have a flooded basement. Another thing you should consider is to install a battery backup for your sump pump. This will ensure that the device will still work even if there is no electricity. You will spend more money for the battery backup but it’s worth the money.

4. Get someone to check your house

Have someone to inspect or stay in your house as much as possible. Even with these prevention tips, it’s still better to have an actual person oversee the house. They will be able to immediately call emergency services if there’s anything wrong with your home’s plumbing. Just be sure to leave emergency numbers for them to call.