4 Solutions for Your Water Hammer Problems

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Water hammer is the description for that knocking noise you hear from your pipes every time you turn off your tap brusquely. The knocking noise is due to the change of the water flow as it was stopped from going further the direction that it was supposed to go. When the supposed passageway of the water is suddenly closed off, there will be a pressure wave that will be released which can overwhelm the pipeline. Once the pipeline couldn’t handle the pressure wave, it will create a knocking noise, accompanied by a vibration which will urge the pipes to collapse. However, this problem can be rectified as long as you take action immediately before major problems can occur. So, here are 4 solutions that can help you with your water hammer problems.

1. You can install an air chamber near your water valves.

There are buildings and houses that already have air chambers installed in them. If the one you are residing at does not have any, then it is high for you to get one, especially if you are having water hammer problems. The air chambers are air-filled cavities that are placed near the water valves. The distance of the air chambers and the water valves must be as close as possible so that the former can keep the pressure wave that is released by the water from destroying the pipes.

2. You can install water pressure regulators.

A water pressure regulator is a type of valve that can reduce the flow of the water at a particular pressure. A high-pressure water flow is harsh for your pipes health. These regulators are placed near the entrance of your main water supply line, so that when the water flows through your house, the pressure is reduced. Since the water pressure is stable, there will be no reason for water hammers to exist.

3. You can install water arrestors if your property is unfit for air chamber installation.

There are some buildings and infrastructures that are not best suited for air chamber installations. If you are living in one, then you should probably opt for water arrestors. This device is one of the common alternatives for air chambers since this is more convenient due to their no-need-to-recharge trait. You will only have to replace them once they have reached their targeted lifespan. The water arrestors are like shock absorbers since they absorb the shock that has come from the pressure wave, stopping the knocking noise at the same time.

4. You can attach pipe-mounting straps to your pipes.

Water hammers sometimes appear when the pipes are hung loosely on walls or roofs. So when there is a heavy water flow, the pipes are loosened enough that they can move around which creates the sound. These straps are sometimes in the forms of clips and tapes mostly used by plumbers to hinder the pipes from moving around so much.