4 Risks of Having High Water Pressure

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What homeowners enjoy with high water pressure is that all the household chores can be done in a jiffy. Apparently, this is a good thing, however, too much pressure in the pipe system can damage it. Because of these damages, you will be forced to pay for repair services or worse, replace the system. To help you understand the damages it contributes, here are some of the problems caused by high water pressure:

Wearing out of valves

The entire plumbing system is composed of different valves. The most famous and helpful valve is the shut-off valve. Moreover, it can also completely stop its flow. On the other hand, if there’s too much water pressure, it will possibly cause the valve to wear out that will be out of commission anytime soon. For some instance, the valve may also hard to operate because of the excessive force exerted by the high-water pressure.

Water hammer

One problem caused by high water pressure is the presence of banging noise within the pipes once the flow of water is stopped. The banging sound happens when the water with high pressure meets with the valve or bends. As it meets, they produce sound and vibration. Moreover, the worse part of this problem is it can also cause leaks or pipe bursts if the pressure is not adjusted. Apparently, we only know that leaks or pipe burst situations will allow a huge amount of water gush out of the pipe system. This will only result in an increased water bill and new pipes for the replacement.

Water wastage

What comes with a high water pressure is a severe water wastage. Once you turn on your taps and shower heads, water will gush out uncontrollably which results to the aforementioned. With that being said, the water that is flowing might be too much for your household chores and will only be disposed of. This situation doesn’t indicate any damage to the plumbing system, however, if this is not repaired, you’ll probably be surprised how much your water bill has increased. If you have noticed you have a similar situation as this, check your pipe system and adjust the valve, in that way, the pressure will be under control. Moreover, this is a way to avert any plumbing damage. After adjusting the valve, make sure to turn on your taps to see if the pressure is enough.

Pipe leaks

As mentioned earlier, pipe leaks can also happen if there is an excessive water pressure in the household. Once this happens, it could affect the entire piping system and other plumbing fixtures such as taps and shower heads due to stress. The worst part is that pipe burst might happen if the problem is not repaired. With this, it only shows how destructive high water pressure can be to our households sometimes. Make sure to check your plumbing system regularly. Moreover, try to see if you have damaged valves as it couldn’t control the flow of water if it’s malfunctioning.