The 3 Most Common kinds of Plumbing Emergencies

plumber artarmon The 3 Most Common kinds of Plumbing Emergencies Plumbing emergencies comes in different forms and degree of damage. If ever a plumbing emergency occurs; the best option you have is to call a plumber who’s near your house and also try to minimise the damage that’s being caused by the plumbing issue. Being familiar with the various kinds of plumbing emergencies and the damage control tips will help you handle it more safely and effectively.

Gas leaks

Gas leaks are one of the most dangerous plumbing emergencies that can happen in the household since it can lead to explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning. The main cause of gas leaks is the incorrect installation of the gas lines and appliances. Another possible reason of a gas leak is a punctured gas line. You will be able to notice a gas leak because of the “rotten egg smell” that’s going around your house or that’s near the gas fixtures. This particular smell is actually a safety signal developed in order to help alert homeowners of the gas leak since a lot of these gases are actually odourless ―— making it extremely difficult to identify without the egg smell signalling feature.

There may be cases in which the signalling feature won’t work so you must be able to look for other signs of gas leak like: hissing noise near the gas appliances, bubbles in the water that’s near the gas line and fixture, and the gas stove flame is coloured orange instead of blue. If ever a gas leak happens, you must leave your house immediately and call the emergency number as soon as possible. You obviously shouldn’t try to use a lighter on any object that is able to ignite flames since you will very much cause an explosion during the gas leak. Switching the lights, using phones (mobile or not) or any other items that causes sparks should not be used.

Pipe bursts

Pipe bursts occurs when the pipes are frozen or the pipeline is too damaged or old. The leaks from the bursts may vary in damage but you should not risk having a massive burst that will flood your home. The best way to prevent pipe bursts it to hire a plumber to do a widespread check on the pipeline of your household. When it comes to the freezing issue with the pipes the ―— you have to insulate it to allow heat to be trapped in the pipeline and avert cooling the water. In case a pipe bursts occurs; you must first turn off the main valve of the water supply to prevent more water from entering your house. You should do this before calling a plumber so that the pipe bursts won’t waste any more water.

Toilet overflow

Just like the other two mentioned plumbing emergencies; a toilet overflow can also leave anyone panicking. The toilet has its own water supply so just like the pipe bursts problem; you need to turn the valve off to stop wasting more water. It’s a waste of time if you try to fix the overflow on your own since there are many components that might be causing the overflow.