Tips on How to Keep Your Drain Clean

No one wants to have a clogged drain in their home, yet they face this problem because they do take proper care of their drain pipes. In case you don’t want to face this problem, then here are few Tips on How to Keep Your Drain Clean and if you will follow these tips, you will not face the drain clogging problems very often.

Use hair net: In most of the cases your drain will get a blockage because of hair follicles in it that comes from your bathroom. So, it is always a good idea to use a hair net on the opening of your drain pipes so it can trap all the hair follicles and other minute particles. When it will not go inside your drain pipe, then you will have better flowing drain pipes.

Use dustbin: Many time people just throw their solid waste in their toilet and they try to flush it. It you also do it, and then you may face the problems of clogged drain easily. Therefore, this is a best idea that you use a dustbin to throw all of your solid waste including tissue paper, paper napkin and sanitary pads. When you will not throw it in dustbin it will surely give you clean drain.

Clean it with often: If or order to avoid blockage of drain pipes it is a good practice to clean it regularly. For this, first you can put some salt in your drain pipes and after that you can use some hot water to clean it. This hot water and salt combination will dissolve all the formation or deposition of dust and you will get clean drain pipe.

So, I am just hoping these tips on how to keep your drain clean helped you and now you will be able to keep it clean easily. And if these tips do not work for you, then you should get a help of plumber assuming you have some serious problem in your drain pipe.