What You Should Never Throw Down Into Garbage Disposals

never throw on garbage disposals

People should always remember that not all rubbish can be thrown anywhere they want. This is not about that rubbish thrown in streets but rather, the trash that are from inside your home. The kitchen is where most wastes come from since we cook our meals there and the ingredients are usually wrapped up. Although the common thing to do is to throw those wrappers into the trash bins, there are some cases that we neglect to throw other items, too. Do you want to know what items you should never throw down into the garbage disposals? Read the following.


  • Greasy food items

Grease is one of the common reasons why a kitchen sink gets clogged. The other two contributors are oil and fats. Although it seems convenient and easier to just throw the oil used in frying, it does not mean that it is a good thing. Why don’t you try throwing it into a plastic garbage bag? Don’t make a face. It may feel slimy and silky but it is actually better than dealing with blocked drains.


  • Fibrous fruits and vegetables

Although most of the fibrous fruits and vegetables are soft, they still cause problems to garbage disposals. Once these are shredded, they can wrap around the shredder of the disposal. They will entangle themselves, causing a clog when they catch on other wastes. Once the shredder is forced to work double time, the motor of the disposal will get affected, too. So, you must inspect the veggies and fruits that go down the disposal.


  • Food scraps that expands in water

There are some food items that expand in water such as pasta, rice, noodles and much more. It is one thing that these food items were cooked and all of it are consumed but once the leftovers are thrown into the disposal, you have to anticipate for clogs every now and then.


  • Big fruit pits

Are tomato seeds included? Of course, not. What we are talking about here are fruit pits that are hard to break down such as avocado pits, peach pits and even olive pits. However, these are not the only ones out there that are not supposed to go down the disposals. To keep your component safe, pits that are bigger than your thumb should never go down there.


  • Solid materials or objects

These solid objects include but are not limited to tablespoons, forks, toothpaste caps, cigarette butts, sponges and more. These things hinder the water and other biodegradable food items to slide smoothly down the disposals.

Now that you have a list of things that you should never throw down your garbage disposal, then keep an eye out for someone in the family who do so. Make sure that you also inform them about this to make them be aware of it.