What You Need to Know About Dual Flush Toilets

True to how they are called, dual flush toilets are those that offer you the choice between two different flushes. The logic behind this is that one allows you to flush with little water sent down the drain while the other is used when a good number of waste needs to be flushed, and, therefore, cuts your water usage by half. Of course, it follows that you save so much money and help save the environment as long as the toilet is still there.


How exactly does a dual flush toilet make a difference?


The answer can come across as shocking to a few people. Studies of several dual-flush toilets have shown that the use of such a system compared to the usual ones can reduce the consumption of water by more than sixty percent. Since the water saved using such systems is very substantial, many countries came up with laws requiring their citizens to use such toilet types. In the United States, cities, states, and municipalities often affected by drought or water shortage have passed similar statutes so their areas conserve water.



A Growing Industry


These types of toilets have just caught on in North America. The main reason for this is the fact that this idea is a relatively new one. However, with the growing concern over what is happening to the environment as of late, water shortage, and drought, several toilet-makers have started making these types of toilets. The result of this is the accessibility of such types of toilets.


Great Designs


Another plus of these toilet types is their innovative appearance and design. Since this product is relatively new, and since this booming market is very competitive right now, many companies are doing everything they can to make them easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable. For this reason, they now come in various cutting-edge styles, including a wide range of flushing mechanisms. Two of the most well-known are the two-button flush systems (the more popular of the two) and the pull/push models.

Between the two well-known systems mentioned above, the former is better for use in the home or office. This is because most toilet models with the said system clearly identify which is for the low-flush and high-flush options.


Things to consider when having these installed at home


According to one of the plumbers of www.plumberartarmon.com.au, whom I contacted when I decided on having this toilet system at home, the plumbing needed to facilitate such a system is complex. In fact, it is more complex than the usual toilet installation. Despite the complexity involving the installation of these systems, they were able to have it set up for me, and hence, you should just rely on the services offered by licensed and reliable plumbers when having this installed in your bathroom.


Despite the benefits of using dual-flush toilets, it is a must that you choose a toilet properly. It is also advised that you choose toilets made by reputed manufacturers and buy them from reputable