How to Repair Clogged Heater Core

Why replace it when you can simply fix it?


When the the heater core is clogged, it will lead to poor heat situation or no heat situation at all. This can be frustrating.


Don’t you worry anymore because now you can fix it by simply following the simple steps below:-


First and foremost process in repair of clogged heater core is to check if you can reach the heater hoses, as it can be hard to reach some of them. It can become a nightmare and more frustrating. Once you get to the core of your heater where the hose connects to the firewall, you can then remove the heater hose at the firewall which is very important.


Once the engine is cool, remove the heater hose, but first drain down the system and make sure that it does not spill antifreeze on where animals go, this can kill them if they ingest it.


You are then to attach a drill pump and the hose and attach it to the core tube. Get an extra garden hose and this is to be attached to the core tube. Make sure it is long enough to reach the bucket. It will be used as a return line when recovering the cleaning solution. Also note to put the hose on the suction of the drill pump into the pail.


Add atleast one or two jugs of calcium, lime and rust remover. This can be obtained at most local hardware shops. This is to be added into the pail as the cleaning solution. Now the pressure side of the pump is attached to the core of the tube, the other one which is the hose from the pump inside the pail is to draw the liquid and as well as the return hose which is from the core of the bucket. You should now start the drill pump. There are electric or cordless drills. Either of them can work. Make it circulate through for some time. Reverse the hose at the core and then make it run through again, this time in reverse flush. Repeat this and take breaks to let it rest. This process can take time and therefore do it when it is less urgent. You can let the calcium, lime and rust remover overnight so that it has time to break the things down in the core.

Run through this again and again in the morning and ensure that you reverse the hose all over again. Once this is done, remove all the hoses and attach the heater hose to the core and you are good to go. Make sure that you re-fill the cooling system. This should be done when the heater is on so that the air in the system is removed. It is so simple to repair a clogged heater core.