How to Fix Blocked Shower Drains

After a week or month of using the shower, hair and soap scum can build up in the drain and clog it. When this happens, one can easily be tempted to pour chemical cleaners down the blocked drain. The thing is, such chemicals are harmful to the environment and parts of one’s plumbing. Fortunately, such a problem can be sorted out without any chemicals involved. The following are home remedies you can use against blocked shower drains.


Tweezers and Needle-Nosed Pliers

Clearing the top section of the shower drain using tweezers and needle-nose pliers can often sort out the problem. But if the water still does not go down fast enough, remove the screws that secure the top of the drain and look for and remove debris build-up at the deeper part of the drain. All debris should be disposed in the rubbish bin.


Coat Hanger

Unwrapped wire coat hangers can be effective when blockages that are located deep in the shower drain / drain pipe need to be removed. Just make sure to unscrew the top portion of the drain before probing the pipe until you can feel the blockage. You can then try pulling the debris out or force it further down into a pipe section with a bigger diameter.


Vinegar and Baking Soda

Pour half a cup baking soda down the blocked shower drain before pouring half a cup of cider or white vinegar. The result of this is foaming,  so cover the drain and let it sit for two or three hours. Afterwards, remove the cover and pour hot water down the drain.


Wet and Dry Vacuum

Some home repair experts suggest using this type of vacuum cleaner to sort out blocked shower drains. Put the business end of the vacuum cleaner hose over the opening and secure it with duct tape or a wet cloth. Turn the vacuum cleaner on and off several times quickly until the blockage is dislodged.



Plunging, although seen by many to be a tiring task, is often the most effective when it comes to the removal of shower drain blockages. Use a plunger to force pressure into the drain pipe until the blockage is dislodged and the water drains normally.


Garden Hose

This is a great solution for serious blockages that cannot be dislodged using the solutions mentioned above. Run the garden hose into the bathroom and place its end on the drain opening. Secure the end with duct tape, then open the water tap to blast water down the drain to loosen the blockage.


Things to remember:

While working to remove the blockage in the shower drain, you may find another plumbing problem you cannot handle, so it’s important that you already know the plumbing company you should call during such eventualities. Use the Internet to look for plumbing companies that have the licenses and insurance to operate and the equipment and supplies needed for sorting out a wide range of plumbing issues. You can also ask friends who have hired plumbing services in the past for names of great plumbing companies.