8 Rodding Heads and Their Functions

plumber artarmon 8 Rodding Heads and Their Functions

During the process of repairing a pipe that has been blocked, most homeowners opt to use the basic hand tools such as snake rods. Others choose to have reference on what tools and methods to use that would effectively unblock those troublesome pipes. What most homeowners do not know is that there are countless other types of rodding heads that will aid in making the pipes block-free. Here are 8 types of rodding heads and how they are used:

1.Spear or Spade Cutter

Spear cutters or spade cutters are useful in piecing solid deposits like scale or lime. This is also useful in cutting grease or other oily materials that stuck to the walls of the pipe but are too hard to remove by any other means.

2.Funnel Auger

After using the traditional auger head to fix a blockage, another way to fix it or make sure that the blockage is thoroughly fixed. To make sure that the problems is solved and that the other organic items that were left behind during the process are flushed down, use a funnel auger.

3.Drop Head Auger

This auger type is different because of the spring ball attached to the tool that freely rotates. This tool can be used by dropping the rod in a specific direction. If you decide to put the rod through the sewer pipes and the rod comes in contact with a bend, unlike other augers, a drop head auger can bend to a specified direction in order to clean the pipes.

4.Grease Cutter

This rodding tool works the same way as the spade cutter. The appearance of the two is not far from each other. However, they differ in the aspect of the angling of the blades. The blades of a grease cutter are strategically angled to encourage turbulence and agitation that makes the grease and oil be washed away.

5.Spiral Cutter

These cutters are commonly known for being able to slice through cloth, leaves, roots and other materials that might be stuck inside the sewer pipe. Traditionally, in order to clear the pipe, people use small cutters to create a hole through the tree roots to prevent the drain from moving and use a bigger cutter to create a hole. So, this will get the job fixed in no time. On present day, however, this process is completely unnecessary. Plumbers only need a spiral cutter to resolve this issue.

6.Retrieval Auger

This auger looks identical to a funnel auger. The different between the two is that retrieval augers are not tightly spun. The main function of this tool is to recover the materials deep inside the pipes by wounding it tightly and pull it out of the pipe lines.

7.Saw Tooth Cutter

The advantage in using saw tooth cutters is that it is a heavy duty type of spiral cutter. This type of rodding head is used to tug back at a root pulp.

8.Cork Screw Auger

A cork screw auger is used in order to break up blockages and pull them up the pipeline. Cork screw augers are usually used to take the materials out and determine the cause of the problem.