6 Common Dilemmas of a Garbage Disposal Unit

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Any appliance that you have purchased for your house has the ability to fail, may it be expensive or not, new or old. There’s a great possibility that you may encounter some drawbacks and complications within the system no matter how hard you try to maintain them. Listed below are some common dilemmas you may encounter with your garbage disposal.

1. Disposal does not operate properly

Sometimes you might notice that your garbage disposal unit is functioning properly even though you have switched it on already. In this case, it has something to do with the power supply. Check your outlet and plug and make sure that the plug is firmly inserted and does not loosen to gain power supply. Once you unit still does not function well, inspect the circuit breaker since there are times that you need to reset it. When it still doesn’t work, the switch might be the main problem and needs replacement. Once you hear a buzz coming from your garbage disposal, this is a warning sign that something is wrong with your garbage disposal.

2. Disposal Jam

When you don’t segregate your garbage, there’s a possibility that your disposal might seize up. The main cause for this dilemma to occur is washing down huge and hard particles into the disposal unit. This can make your disposal unit not to function properly. To repair this problem, it would be necessary to get rid of the particles that got stuck inside the unit. Scissors, pliers or tongs can be used to remove these particles. Avoid putting your hands inside the disposal unit for it is not safe.

3. Leaks in disposal

Leaks are not just present in pipes or tanks. It is also present in garbage disposals. Components in a garbage disposal also have the ability to leak such as the drain pipe connection, dishwashing connection and the top flange. You have to repair the leak as soon as possible to prevent garbage and water escapade. This is also to avoid costly water bills.

4. Noise Production

This is probably one of the problems most home owners don’t want to experience as it could be very annoying. Noise produced by the disposal unit is probably because of the loosen screws inside the mechanism. There is a possibility that the screws may loosen inside the unit every time the disposal vibrates. It may also be due to the excessive usage of the unit. For this problem, it would be necessary for you to locate and tighten the loosened screw.

5. Clogging

Clogs are the most common problem you would probably encounter. Due to the large particles drained inside the unit, these particles got stuck inside the unit causing a massive blockage. Just like drains, you have to drain particles down the garbage disposal which are easy and smooth to cut down.

6. Stinky Smell

You should probably be expecting a foul odour coming from your garbage disposal as it is a unit where you drain down your food wastes. However, there are certain ways to minimise or eliminate this problem. There are natural deodorisers that you can utilise to get rid of the stinky smell.