6 Common Causes of Drain Obstruction

plumberartarmonn drain obstruction

Blocked drains are definitely an emergency to every homeowner especially because the use of our drainage system is a necessary part of our daily routines. We use our bathrooms, toilets and sinks every day and we can’t let these troubles ruin our daily schedule. However, before grabbing your phone and letting in some professional plumbers, you can actually prevent these dilemmas so you don’t have to spend so much on the repairs and service fees. To help you, here are some causes of blocked drains to help keep them away:

  • Tree Roots

Tree roots are indeed a common cause of blocked drains especially when tree root barriers are not installed and preventive or maintenance procedures are not performed. These roots can invade your pipes and choke them, allowing nothing to pass through, even a single drop of water whilst throwing nasty objects back to your home as well. Aside from that, these tree roots can destroy clay and concrete pipes which would lead to further destruction and greater repair expenses.

  • Offset Pipes

Accompanying those grounds shifting and settlings causes pipe dislocations and disconnections. Earthquakes can even be a great factor in this situation which would definitely cause your pipe and drainage obstructed. When sewer pipes are not connected properly, it will allow mud and dirt to enter the lines or pipes and these substances are a great factor of drain obstruction.

  • Soap and scum build-up

Soap and scum build-up are usually found on bathroom drains. However, if these find its way to the main sewer, it can as well create hard buildups that would lessen the pipe diameter and immediately causing blockage to the system.

  • Grease build-up

Grease build-up is the unbelievable yet most common cause of blockage. Most homeowners prefer draining them down their system rather than keeping them in trash bins which might invite nasty insects and unpleasant smell. However, what most occupants do not know is that, grease and fat could stick to the walls of the sewers until they completely block the entire pipe. They can be removed by maintaining the drainage system and performing cleaning procedures such as hydro jetting.

  • Foreign objects

Aside from grease and fat build-up, soap and shampoo scum, hair and food leftovers shoved down the drainage system, another common cause of drain blockage are foreign objects which include children’s toys, cigarette butts, sanitary napkins, tampons, condoms and toiletries. Discipline and orienting each household member with the things that causes blockage to a drain or sewer line would be the best way to prevent this dilemma from happening.

  • Broken or collapsed pipes

Broken, burst and collapsed pipes, are the reasons why our drainage system constantly encounters blockages. This cause cannot be solved by simply performing “do-it-yourself” maintenance procedures, but would rather require heavy repairs done by experts or licensed plumbers.

If you want to keep blocked drain plumbers away and cut costs from the service fees, execute an effective drain maintenance procedure and take good care of your plumbing system.