5 Steps to Retrieve a Lost Item down the Drain

Plumberartarmon Turn Off Supply Valve

Accidents are inevitable and unforeseen events that are often lead by one miscalculation or sometimes just come out of nowhere. Even in the comfort of your home where you think that nothing unlikely can happen, you will still encounter problems every now and then. Imagine washing your hand and your ring accidentally slides off your fingers. The ring rolls into the drain and goes down in spite your efforts to spot it midway. This will not be a very big issue if you do not treasure the jewellery that much. But what happens when that is a wedding ring, an engagement ring or a family heirloom? You can’t just leave it be. It will surely be quite depressing and frustrating to lose an important piece just like that. Fortunately, there is a way to retrieve your ring or any jewellery small enough to down the drain. Here is a simple guide on how to do that:

    1. Turn off the supply valve.

Locate the supply valve or stopcock. This is usually placed under the sink and attached to the wall. Making sure that you cut off the water supply will save you from getting wet under the sink when someone mistakenly turns on the tap while you are still under the sink with the trap open. This will also make sure that you do not accidentally make a mess under the sink and flood your kitchen.

    2. Place a bucket.

Place a bucket at the bottom of the trap to make sure that you will not make a mess while you open the trap. As you do, the water stored in the U-pipe will gush out of the pipes and into the bucket. This way, no mess is made and you can easily go on with what you are doing.

    3. Dismantle the trap.

If you noticed, a trap is screwed in place by slip nuts. Unscrew the slip nuts; keep the washer – which is located in between the slip joint and trap, in a safe place since you will still use this after the process. Remove the trap and let the waste water pour out of the pipe. Look for the lost jewellery inside the trap by clearing it out and scoping out the dirt if needed.

    4. Scrape out the wastes.

If after the dismantling of the trap, you still have not retrieved your item, do not worry. Small and solid items that fall down the drain end up in the trap. Scrape out the grime and gunk that are accumulated and deposited in the trap to locate the item. Do this by means of a wire brush. You will surely find the item somewhere in here. After you had retrieved your jewel, proceed to scrape the gunk from the trap and into the bucket to avoid future blockage.

    5. Put the trap back together.

After successfully retrieving the item, you can certainly not leave the pipes looking like they are right now, right? So try to put things back together as they previously were. Hopefully, you will not find this to be a very hard task. In tightening the trap seal, be mindful not to over tighten it as over tightening will cause the trap to leak.