5 Recurring Problems with Your Drains

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Drain issues are often viewed as nothing but temporary plumbing glitches or minor inconveniences that would simply pass given enough time. However, unknown to the homeowner, disregarding the drain problem for a time is exactly what it needs for the damage to develop, grow bigger and take a turn for the worst. Minor problems can grow to become plumbing disasters that lead to costly repairs. To make problems worse, these damages are recurrent and demand the homeowner’s full attention. To make you aware of these, here are 5 of the most common and recurring problems in the drain:

  1. Slow Drains

This can be considered as an early sign of imminent pipe blockage. This happens when the drain pipe already has a lot of build-ups along its walls that the wastewater from your sink, or anywhere else, is having a difficult time passing through. While it is very tempting to ignore this problem, it could escalate quickly when left untended to. The most common causes of slow drains are hair tangles, mineral build up and often foreign objects that were flushed down mistakenly or unknowingly.

As a preventive measure, pay attention to what goes down your drain. Before the problem could worsen, take actions and steps to ensure the safety of your plumbing pipes and drainage such as segregating wastes and throwing them properly instead of flushing everything down the drain.

  1. Blockages

When you own a house or a flat, you have more likely dealt with a blocked drain more than once. This problem is very common in households and residential spaces where the occupants are not paying mind to the plumbing fixtures. As mentioned earlier, this is signalled by a slow drain. Drain blockages are cause mostly by waste accumulation and build ups along the pipe walls. Also, keep in mind those greasy, oily wastes, hair, plastic or rubbery products, hard and other substances that are hard to break down and process should be kept away from the drain.

  1. Poorly Constructed Toilet Drain Lines

An indication such as bubbles rising from the bottom of the toilet bowl is a sign that the venting system needs repairs. The venting system is used to balance the pressure inside the drain. So, if either of the two acts up, expect toilet of plumbing problems to arise. If the vent lines or the drain line is installed in a wrong manner, this could lead to a few problems varying from a minor blockage to a full damage in the plumbing system than could render it dysfunctional.

  1. Root Infestation

Roots that penetrate the drain system or the pipelines are another problem that homeowners and plumbers encounter on a daily basis. For the pipes, even the slightest leaks or crack can result to full-blown plumbing disasters when they are left alone. Nearby trees can puncture your pipes in order to gain access to the moisture inside. As the roots penetrate into the pipe, they slowly rupture the pipe and block the load from passing through.

  1. Foul Odour

A tell-tale sign of pipe and drain problem is when there is a foul smell coming out of the drain. The smell is most likely caused by the grease and oil build up along the walls of the pipe. To get rid of this problem, you will need professional help from your local plumbing service provider. Maintenance to get rid of the foul smell should be done at least once every year.