4 Perils of Using Liquid Drain Cleaners

plumber artarmon 4 Perils of Using Liquid Drain Cleaners

Anytime of the day, week, month or year, your drains can clog. They are the common and the most inevitable plumbing troubles oftentimes resolved with the help of liquid drain cleaners. Aside from the fact that they are very convenient to use and easy to execute, they are as well available to almost all convenient stores and are acquired in a very cheap price. They may unclog the build-up often but most of the professional plumbers still consider them as deceitful and double-edged. It is positive that they can as well impair your system instead of helping them.
Liquid drain cleaners have some certain characteristics and they have their own must-know side effects. That is why some of the external solutions, such as vinegar and baking soda solution, are better than liquid drain cleaners. Take a look at the dangers of using liquid drain cleaners.

1. Environmental threats

Liquid drain cleaners, just like other toxic materials, are a great threat towards the security of our environment. They can be disposed in the nearby water course or absorbed by the adjacent vegetation which may cause harm and peril to the public’s health. Aside from that, they can kill the beneficial good bacteria in the septic tank that helps treating the sewage and wastewater as they feed on the wastes in the septic tank. They may leak in the surrounding areas of the tank and cause serious environmental apprehensions.

2. Restrictions, such as the inability to remove tenacious clogs

Liquid drain cleaners might be effective in getting rid of minor clogs but not stubborn deep clogs despite its caustic configuration. When drain cleaners couldn’t unravel the problem, manual cleaning would be necessary. When these chemicals get wedged in the pipes behind the stubborn clogs it is supposed to eradicate, they could stream back the pipe during the manual cleaning. The chemicals will be prompted by your unclogging exertions to splash back onto your face that may cause accidents and serious burns.

3. Corrosive and scarring nature

In order for liquid drain cleaners to dissolve soft obstructions such as grease, fat and hair, they are made up of caustic chemical solution capable of doing so. Yet these qualities that make them effective are the very qualities that make them so harmful and destructive. When you utilize them to get rid of lodged particles, they do not only remove the obstructions but a percentage of your pipe’s walls as well. They would devour the pipes and damage them regardless of the type of material they are made of. When these pipes develop holes and leaks due to deterioration, plumbing problems would then arise and cause you so many troubles. It would be easier for the roots to infiltrate the pipe due to its lack of strength and resistance.

4. Perilous and chancy to handle

Since these solutions can even eat out pipes, it would be impossible for them not to hurt or burn your skin when they are not properly handled. Splashing them to your skin should be avoided and they should be stored in a safe place away from the reach of children.

To get rid of the aforementioned risks of chemical drain cleaners, it would be better for you to avoid using them. Instead, you can use enzymatic drain cleaners which do not contain chemical and toxic substances and are friendly to the good bacteria in the septic tank. You can use external and homemade solutions too to avoid health and environmental threats.