4 Easy Tips To Avert Blocked Sinks

blocked drains

Taking preventive actions to avoid any plumbing problem would be better than repairing them when they actually occur. Typically, blocked kitchen sinks are what homeowners tend to face most of the time. This is because of the substances that aren’t supposed to be in your respective sinks. These substances accumulate within and block the flow of water from passing through, thus inviting series of predicaments such as clogs and backflows. Apparently, what we want to do is to avert these issues from happening. To help you with it, here are some tips that you can follow:


Monitor the items that go down the drains

Always be mindful of what goes down to your sinks. Like other amenities, there are things that shouldn’t reach your drain for they will cause some serious problems such as clogs and obstructions. For instance, fatty substances, pasta, coffee ground, egg shell. You might think that it would be alright for oil and grease to reach your drain since these are in liquid form. However, the aforementioned will accumulate within and obstruct the flow of water. That’s why those mentioned should be put in the trash than put down the sink. Always remember that don’t treat your sink similar to a garbage bin.


Avoid utilising harsh chemicals

In order to lengthen the lifespan and keep the good condition of our sinks, one of the things that you have to cease from doing is flushing chemical-based cleaners. Instead of using the aforementioned, it would be better to switch on green cleaners since it’s not costly, it’s effective and environment-friendly. These type of cleaners can be made at home by using various home products such as vinegar, baking soda, and even citrus fruits. By mixing at least two ingredients, you’ll be able to clean your sink and drains at the same time taking out the bad odour in it.


Use drain screens

Aside from drain stoppers, drains screens are also capable of avoiding obstructions within our kitchen sinks. Drains screens are essentially a sink tool that can prevent clog-causing factors such as gunk and food particles. It prevents the aforementioned by catching food particles before it enters the drain. However, you have to take out the screen every now and then to put those factors it catches in the trash.  


Clean your sink regularly

By cleaning your sinks regularly, you will not avoid repairing and taking out obstructions but also you will avoid other kitchen sink problems in the future. Try to make it a habit to clean your sink after using it. You can clean through the use of a mild dish soap or pour some hot water down the drain. With this, that food debris that have been sticking in your drains will be washed away. On the other hand, instead of using the aforementioned, some think that by using a chemical-based solutions it could get rid of those particles within. However, instead of cleaning it, it will put harm to your drains. Aside from hot water and dish soap, you could use a drain stopper that will help you avoid food from reaching down your drains and cause an obstruction. Furthermore, try to close the stopper and fill the sink with water then, release the stopper so that the force of water can push down that food debris that are sticking within the pipe.