The 4 Common Causes of Clogged Toilets

plumberartarmon causes of clogged toilets

Most toilet clogs are manageable and don’t need complicated plumbing repairs. Anyone can unclog their toilet with the use of basic plumbing tools like the plunger and drain snake. But having to deal with an obstructed toilet can become tiring and time-consuming. There are a lot of causes of clogged toilets. By getting to know these causes; you will be able to know how to prevent this common plumbing problem from happening in the first place. Below is a list of the most prevalent causes of toilet clogs.


  1. Flushing different items that shouldn’t be drained into the toilet

The toilet is intended to only flush human wastes and not for draining other garbage wastes. Perhaps the only hygiene item that can be flushed with no trouble is toilet paper. Even so, you need to flush small amounts of toilet paper since disposing a large number of this hygiene item will cause clogging. Even small items like cotton buds and floss can become potential hazards to your toilet and become the cause of clogging. Anyway, avoid flushing items such as paper towels, cigarette butts, tampons, wipes, and among others.  

  1. The sewer line in your household is too clogged

Toilets are directly connected to the sewer line which means your toilet can be immediately affected by any problems that happen in the sewer system. For example: if the sewer line has a massive obstruction then the toilet can also suffer from this problem and it will unable to flush properly. Sometimes the sewer clog is too much that the toilet and the other drains in your house get clogged. This is a very difficult problem to handle on your own so we strongly advise to hire a plumbing professional to check out your sewer system for the confirmation and removal of the obstructions.

  1. Roots of plants have turned your sewer line into its haven

Plants will always look for nourishment which is their natural instinct. However, this can be at your disadvantage if the plants in your backyard are large trees or shrubs that are completely aggressive in looking for water and soil sources. Believe it or not; roots can actually penetrate the sewer pipes or invade the pipeline through cracks. After the roots have entered the sewer line, it will continue to grow and potentially block a large section of the sewage system. Again, you need the help of a professional plumber to certify that the sewer pipes are invaded by roots. These pros will be able to take care of these roots with the use of specialised equipment.   

  1. Toys in the toilet drain

If you have kids in your house; you may have already encountered this problem. Your child might be enjoying their time in the toilet room that they just flush their toys into the toilet. As a result, your toilet is clogged and you have a difficult time taking out the toy. Putting the toilet seat down or setting up a childproof seat locks are among the best ways to keep the kids from playing around the toilet.