3 Factors That Can Cause Pipe Blockage

Plumberartarmon Blocked Drains

In most unexpected events, there will be a time where your sewer pipes will no longer cooperate due to items that are sometimes unintentionally and most of the time purposefully flushed down your sewer pipes. As these items gather inside, sewer pipes will likely to fail in doings it job, delaying some of your household chores at home.

Want to know what happened? Here are 3 items which cause the problem to occur:

Strange objects

A lot of objects available in the market that is labelled to be “flushable”, however, don’t be deceived by this. The truth is that items such hygiene and sanitary products which are labelled to be one should never be flushed down your pipes. These products aren’t instantly soluble, to dissolve these items would take an amount of time. When they are flushed down and builds up inside within your pipe, sewer problems will likely to occur. Sewer problems such as clogs and backup are two of the common complications to happen. As these objects accumulate inside, prepare for solutions to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Here are some of the products that are labelled as “flushable” that shouldn’t be flushed down:
● Baby diapers
● Facial tissues
● Sanitary napkins
● Tampons
● Wet wipes and
● Toiletries

FOG substances (fat, oil and grease)

Subsequent to the event of flushing FOG substances down your drains, it doesn’t instantly obstruct the flow of water down your drain. However, as you persist in doing so due to the substances that are sticking on your frying pans, cooking equipment and plates, they will really cause a drain problem soon.

As they obstruct and stick into the pipe wall, other items and objects will likely to do the same until such time they are already obstructing the flow within and clogging problems begins to occur in unexpected situations. Although these substances can be taken out by simply flushing hot water down the drain, one preventive action that should be practice is to avert from the doing it so. According to professionals that build up within a single pipe can stretch to up at least 10 feet long. With that being said, over time, hot water wouldn’t be helpful anymore for costly plumbing services will be needed to fix the problem.

Intruders don’t allude to those individuals who enter an area which no longer belong to their jurisdiction. This refers to objects that penetrate within the sewer pipes by creating cracks as at the same time blocking and making the sewer pipe inefficient.

Tree roots are considered as one of the intruders in our sewer pipes. Since tree roots look for an area underneath the ground where they can get sufficient nutrition and moist for them to grow more, they stick to our pipes and as they grow, they tend to crush the pipes creating cracks that serve as an access inside.

As suggested by professional plumbers, plants should be far away from your household pipes, on the other hand, if you really wish to do so, try to select bushes instead of large growing trees. Additionally, cutting tools and water jetter can be effective in clearing out these destructive roots.